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Fic Masterlist


Newest fandoms at the top. I'm not always super efficient at updating this post, but you can find all my fic using this tag, or at AO3 here.


Hold On To Our Light
(Brittany/Santana; PG-13; 1584 words)
Five times Brittany and Santana get their cuddle on.

Legend of the Seeker

When These Walls Fall
(Cara/Kahlan; PG-13; 4469 words)
It doesn't take long for Cara to pinpoint her problem: she needs a mission, some direction in life. She's not made for staying in one place.

Skins + RPF

Only Time to Lose
(Naomi/Emily; R; ~18500 words)
Valentine's Day, 2010. It's nearly eight months since the Love Ball, and although it hasn't always been easy, Naomi and Emily are still together, still happy. All Naomi wants is to enjoy the present, but with university looming and an uncertain future ahead of them, they have to figure out a way to make it work.

(Naomi/Effy, Naomi/Emily; R; ~2600 words)
Naomi and Effy exist solely in the half-light of dawn, when the dirty rainwater glow is just filtering through the curtains and the birds are beginning to sing.

sewn to a tremendous shadow
(Katie/Emily; PG-13; 745 words)
"No one will ever love you as much as I do, okay."

A Fear of Falling Under
(Lily/Kat RPF; PG-13; 1649 words)
The first time they kiss is almost comical in its awkwardness.

A Rapid Imagination
(Emily/Naomi; PG; 4740 words)
"My life would be infinitely more complicated with you in it." (Jane Austen pastiche)

[ profile] 2ndyearstories
(Ensemble; unrated; ~50,000 words)
The gang's second year at Roundview College.

The Gravity of You
(Katie/Effy; PG-13; 2548 words)
Effy's spent the last few months watching from afar as Katie scraped together her self-esteem, but it's a brittle armour, easy to punch through should Effy wish.

Flowers for Emily
(Katie/Naomi; PG-13; 2886 words)
In March, it becomes a ritual: they meet in the churchyard on the monthly anniversary, and Naomi brings flowers.
Warning: off-screen character death

A Place to Rest and Forget Yourself
(Naomi/Sophia; PG; 1154 words)
This is a story about two girls, each broken in their own way.

Gossip Girl + RPF

Show Your Shark-Tipped Teeth
(Serena/Georgina; R; 2108 words)
Future!fic. Years later, Serena runs into Georgina and finds that maybe she hasn't changed as much as she thought.

Under Waning Moon
(Serena/Blair; PG; 2642 words)
Post-finale (season one). Serena visits Blair in the South of France.

The Secret We've Been Looking For
(Serena/Blair, Serena/Georgina; R; 8295 words)
Blair may not know exactly what she's fighting for, but she's determined not to let Georgina win.

Cabin Fever
(Blake/Leighton RPF; PG-13; 3363 words)
When everyone else drops out of the trip Leighton planned, Blake and Leighton wind up in a cabin in Vermont alone.

Misc. rare fandoms

Whom You Leave Shackled By Love (@ Yuletide)
(A Great and Terrible Beauty; Felicity/Pippa; PG-13; 2769 words)
Felicity thinks back on her time with Pippa.

lighting the fuse might result in a bang (@ Yuletide)
(Bend It Like Beckham; Jess/Jules; PG; 1089 words)
When Jules finally emerged she couldn't figure out if she felt better or worse.

London, Under a Raincloud (@ Yuletide)
(Imagine Me & You; Luce/Rachel; PG; 1072 words)
Rachel sits outside and watches the rain.

Unwritten (@ Yuletide)
(FlashForward; Janis Hawk; PG; 2254 words)
When things changed, it wasn't just because of the blackout.

all in a moment through the gloom were seen (@ Yuletide)
(His Dark Materials; Will Parry; G; 1186 words)
It felt like he was spying into something private.

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