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So, I got myself a Tumblr! Let me know yours so I can follow you? My dashboard is woefully empty at present.

I'm still mostly feeling like a flailing newbie over there and find myself weirdly concerned about, like, the ~etiquette, because I'm ridiculous. It's so different to LJ! I can't handle a new fannish platform! Also I find it slightly unnerving that there's apparently no comment function, wtf. But mostly it seems like fun (and less effort than LJ, heh).

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Hello~ I'm following you.

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Yay! *follows back*

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I'm over there, I generally post a lot of Glee along with some LoTS, Firefly, Buffy and Harry Potter, if you feel like looking at that.

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Some of my favourite fandoms. :D Following!

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Following you! I'm saneasalice over there.

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Following back!

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I'm escritoireazul, but I can't get Tumblr to load at this moment.

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I'm jeepy91 over there.

The reply button is basically the comment function, but you're going to need an add on to be able to reply to comments. I'm honestly not a huge fan of the platform either lol

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Following you!

Ugh, add-ons. Too much effort!