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I'm going to start doing weekly Glee posts, aren't I? YOU KNOW I AM.

- RAZORBLADES HIDDEN IN HER HAIR. Oh, Santana, this is why you're the greatest. ♥ ♥ ♥ Disappointed we didn't get more of a scene surrounding the slushying - what was she talking to Brittany about?? - but the scene with Kurt, Blaine and Karofsky made up for it. If this leads to the start of a Kurt & Santana friendship I'm all for it.

- MIKE CHANG. ♥ ♥ ♥ Can we please replace every future gratuitous Blaine solo with a Mike Chang dance routine?

- LOL @ Adele being a "neglected artist". Yeah, her album's only fucking TAKING OVER THE WORLD. Needless to say, Gwyneth cannot touch her. At least Turning Tables is one of my least favourite songs on 21; I'd be raging if she murdered Someone Like You or Set Fire to the Rain instead.

- ... that's about all I have to say. Pretty crappy episode overall, right? But I'm excited for next week!

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I would be down with weekly glee posts. Particularly if Santana continues to work her way into my list of tv girlfriends. Just sayin'

(Hmm. Need some glee icons. iconfail.)

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Oh, Santana is right at the very top of my list of TV girlfriends. I just wish every episode of Glee was ALL SANTANA ALL THE TIME.

I need Glee icons too! Must get on that.

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LOL x 1000000 at Aretha Franklin being one of the neglected artists. She's only the QUEEN OF SOUL, which they even talked about in the episode.

Santana and the razorblades all up in her hair was the only awesome thing about this snoozer of an episode.

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Haha, seriously! I mean, I think that performance was more meant to be about Mercedes being neglected, but STILL. Only one of the songs they did could even reasonably be called neglected.

I feel like I'm going to rewatch that one scene a million times and the rest of the episode NEVER.