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So, that Glee sneak peak that you've probably already seen a million times on Tumblr.

OKAY, I realise that I'm ridiculously over-invested in this goddamn ship, but fucking hell, I am RAGING at Brittany. To the point where I may not even ship it anymore. I just - okay, we all know Brittany's dumb, and she has no concept of keeping things like this secret or even WHY someone would want to keep it secret, but STILL. It is beyond disrespectful to out Santana like that. BRITTANY, WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU. Ugh, I can't even.

And we know Songbird happens, so what exactly is the sequence of events here? Santana sings Songbird and then Brittany repays her by outing her, or Brittany outs Santana and then Santana sings Songbird to her anyway? Either way, DO NOT WANT. I know Santana is mostly an awful person but I still think she deserves to be treated better than this, especially by someone who claims to love her.

Hopefully I'm getting all worked up for nothing (which, uh, is true anyway, because it's JUST A TV SHOW) and it'll all work out. Maybe Santana did something to deserve it! Maybe Brittany is truly sorry! Context is important, after all. But right now I am Most Displeased. Fucking Glee writers, why do you have to suck so much?

(LOL seriously though, I know it's stupid for me to get so worked up about this when I have no idea how it plays out. I JUST HAVE A LOT OF FEELINGS, OKAY.)

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LOL I thought the joke was gonna be Brittany thinking Santana literally played for some other team, but then nothing happened. FAT CAT.

It's just so hard for me to take Brittany seriously by now that I'm basically super invested in Santana liking girls instead of the two of them as a couple.

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I WISH I DIDN'T SHIP THEM SO HARD. I thought they were actually doing a bit better with Brittany recently, so I felt okay shipping them, but then this happens and I'm so ready for Santana to get a new girlfriend. Like Rachel.

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Glee seems to handle everything less than well and often in rage-inducing ways so I understand being wary of this development/preemptively angry. I've never been able to ship Brittany/Santana because I can't seem to get a grasp on Brittany -- I was never able to tell what she was thinking underneath the dumb characterization shtick and it looks like she hasn't gotten any better. When I watched Born This Way and that scene where Brittany's kind of a jerk to Santana about the Lebanese t-shirt, I kind of couldn't help thinking that, beside the big misspelling/word misuse Brittany doesn't acknowledge, that seemed like a character I could invest in. It didn't seem like Brittany at all, though, and they're not going to change her entire character at random, so I guess I'm thankful that I ship the main f/f couple on the show so little that there is zero risk I'll want to get back into Glee for them.

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Yeah, it's definitely hard to get a handle on Brittany when her intelligence level varies wildly often within one scene. I'd always kind of felt like her relationship with Santana was the one through-line that made sense, but now I feel like they've fucked with that and I don't even know anymore. It might turn out okay, but this is Glee, so it's more likely to be rage-inducing. I wish they'd never released this sneak peak so I could just absorb it in the context of the episode instead of freaking out about whether they just killed my ship.

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For some reason I feel like the things that are made a big deal before Glee are just swept under the rug when Glee airs
Ex Santana getting slushed
Ex Quinn having a daughter

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You're right, but then I don't see how this can't be a big deal. Oh well, not long till we find out!

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I'm more confused about this than angry. I feel like it's a step back from 'Born This Way Brittany' (that makes her sound like a Barbie, and it's kind of mindblowingly appropriate given how they chop and change her character). I feel like playing up her stupidity is an easy go-to.

In true Glee fashion though, this will probably mean next to nothing in context. After all, the person she blurted out things re: San are the least likely to give her shit for it, even if they do tell a bunch of people.

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It's weird, because it didn't necessarily feel like a Dumb Brittany moment, it was more like a Brittany Doesn't Give A Shit About Santana moment. I can deal with Brittany being stupid, even though I don't necessarily like it, but I can't deal with her being so spectacularly insensitive about Santana's feelings.

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That's true. Now you've put it like that it sounds rather cruel, and I don't think that's very Brittany either.