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Obligatory Wednesday Glee Post


I have to say, as much as the Brittana angst is breaking my heart, I'm eating it up with a spoon. I like that it's messy and imperfect and they're both trying but both kind of getting it wrong at the same time, and I cannot fucking wait until they're finally both on the same page. IT'S GOING TO BE GLORIOUS.

I have to bitch about the stupid fucking "playing for the other team" cop-out, though. WEAK. It doesn't even make sense in Brittany-logic, let alone the real world. Why would she gossip about something that is common knowledge, old news, and not even interesting in the first place? Sigh. So I don't know whether to believe that Brittany actually did it intentionally, or Ryan Murphy is just a hack. Probably the latter.

Anyway, things I especially loved:

- "Santana told me never to speak alone with you because you'll try to steal all of my gold." Guys, Santana manages to steal scenes she's not even in.

- "'What Prom Queen candidate is spending a lot of time in her closet?' That's garbage, Quinn's claustrophobic." "No, that's Santana." We are WAY overdue a Rachel/Santana scene, y/y? I hope we at least see Rachel's reaction when Santana comes out.

- Santana wearing motherfucking DUNGAREES while trying to reassert her heterosexuality. TWICE. Capital G Gay.

- Kristin Chenoweth continues to be awesome, but I'm also glad she was used sparingly. This is how you use guest stars, Glee.


- All the music was really good, and I say this as someone who downloaded the Fleetwood Mac album before the episode aired, listened to about four songs and went, "Meh."

- Songbird obviously was amazing, and the talk afterwards, oh my God. BRITTANY WAS GOING TO ASK SANTANA TO PROM. Also THEIR FACES, AND THAT HUG. You remember how in South of Nowhere they always had these really shitty weaksauce hugs? I love how when Santana and Brittany hug, it's like they never want to let go. omfg, they give me so many ~feelings.

- Even though I was obviously despairing over Santana bailing on Brittany, I'm actually kind of glad it worked out this way? Two reasons: I think Santana needs to come out for herself, not for Brittany, and I also think that Brittany needs to make a definitive choice about who she wants to be with instead of just moving on to Santana because she broke up with Artie. Now, obviously it's not guaranteed that I'm going to get either of those things, but I live in hope!

- Santana randomly ragging on Rachel for no reason. I'm so, so convinced that Santana has a secret crush on Rachel and nothing will convince me otherwise.

- SAM. I don't care, I think he's adorable and charming and I loved him in this episode. I really wish the writers had stuck with their original plan and kept him as Kurt's boyfriend instead of inventing fucking Blaine, who is just tedious.

- Lord Tubbington. Need I say more?

So that was a whole lot of awesome! There wasn't really anything I hated, not even the hot mess that is the Rachel/Finn/Quinn triangle. I think if I were particularly invested in any of them, or any side of the triangle, it would've bugged me that they were basically all awful to each other, but I didn't mind it. Mostly because I thought Go Your Own Way and I Don't Want to Know were both really great performances. I guess awesomely passive-aggressive performances are my thing? WHO KNEW.

Next week: PROM OMG. I'm spoiled, but still looking forward to seeing how it all plays out.

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Your thoughts are my thoughts. I don't get the people that are upset that they didn't get together in this episode. Like, hello, have some freaking patience. More angst now will make it more satisfying when they finally get together, which they obviously will.

I'm convinced that Brittany knew exactly what she was saying with the "playing for the other team" comment but knew she could pass it off as her own stupidity if Santana freaked out. I think everybody else bought Brit's explanation because they think she's an idiot, but Santana saw right through it.

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I'm convinced that Brittany knew exactly what she was saying with the "playing for the other team" comment but knew she could pass it off as her own stupidity if Santana freaked out.

I hope so! I really like the idea that Brittany is a bit smarter than she looks but sometimes plays dumb because she knows she can get away with it (see also her parroting Santana's excuses for why it wasn't cheating) - I'm just not yet convinced that that's how she's deliberately being written. It would be really interesting if the writers did take her in that direction though, and it would make her characterisation less inconsistent and problematic.

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It's probably not how she's deliberately being written because her characterization has always been all over the place, complete moron one moment and just a little daffy the next, so I don't think the writers even have a good handle on her character. But I doubt they'll ever address her mental capacity directly and she's always smarter in her scenes with Santana than with anybody else, so in my head canon she's not as dumb as she lets on sometimes.

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So, just a word of warning: Unlike Skins, I solely watch Glee for the gay *my gay is showing*.
So I'm probably not the best person to talk about it, but whatever, have my uninformed views anyway.

OK- like...Santana is so much easier to understand than Brittany. So OK, Brit was hung up on Artie, to the point she shot Santana down, but now is over him? To the point where she outs Santana to everyone (and I think she did that to facilitate her and Santana getting together) and she doesn't really care that Artie dumps her?

Also- how dumb is she supposed to be? Honest question. I can't ship Brittana is Brittany isn't able to make her own decisions and stop S from manipulating her. I mean, people harp on about Naomi and Emily's supposed inequality as a pairing, but jeeze, they're couple of the year in comparison to Brittana. HOWEVER, I guess if Brit is smarter than she lets on there might be some hope? Especially since I thought she knew she was outing Santana. It was a deliberate move, I think. I'm not sure what to think of Brittany. She wants to be with Artie, then she doesn't. She definitely wants to be with Santana, but only on her terms? Does she not understand that it's ok for Santana to take some time to come out? IDK.

Santana on the other hand I understand. She's wedded to this image of what she's supposed to be. And while she's internally accepted her sexuality, she seems to assume being gay shapes your entire identity. Witness the golf comments, Indigo girls ect ect. I can relate to that, seeing I don't fit in with a lot of the stereotypical gay girl tropes (and in fact, find a lot of lesbians to be completely boring. I'm not interested in your communist, burn your bras agenda, ladies). I think Santana's making the understandable mistake of thinking gay radically alters everything about you when it really doesn't, particularly if you live in a place you can be open about it. Right now I don't think Santana is in a place where she can be out, and Brit, THAT'S A LEGITIMATE PLACE TO BE.

I want Santana to have a pow-wow with Kurt. Because that would be awesome

(and are we ever going to see Rachel's Dads?)

Glad to see your chugging along, babes. Move to Australia! Our government aren't being jerks.

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Also- how dumb is she supposed to be? Honest question.

She's as dumb as the writers want her to be in any given moment. I don't think even they have any firm grasp on her intelligence level, so I don't know how anyone else is supposed to. I think a lot of people try to find some grand unifying theory that would make Brittany make sense, but I'm not sure that's possible.

I think maybe she just really wanted Santana all along, and that's why she basically got over Artie as soon as Santana sang Songbird, but she wants to be open about it and that's why she keeps pushing Santana to come out. I think she really doesn't understand why Santana's scared to come out (because Brittany sees the best in people, and doesn't get why anyone would have a problem with it?), so maybe she feels like Santana's ashamed of loving her? It might tie in with her self-esteem issues about being seen as stupid. I don't know, this is all total fanwank and probably not what the writers were intending at all.

she seems to assume being gay shapes your entire identity. Witness the golf comments, Indigo girls ect ect.

I've seen a few people suggest this kind of thing, but I don't really agree. I think when Santana says she's "not ready to [indulge in whatever lesbian stereotype]" she's just using it as a metaphor for coming out rather than thinking that she actually has to do that stuff or be that way. But she might be uncomfortable that she doesn't really fit into what people expect a lesbian to be like. (It's probably also notable that the only person resembling a gay role model in her life is Kurt, who's not exactly bucking any stereotypes here.)

I want Kurt and Santana to be friends SO BADLY. They would be epic together. Actually, I'd like to see more scenes where Santana interacts with anyone who isn't Brittany - not that I don't love her with Brittany, but Santana is the kind of character you can stick with anyone else and it'd be awesome.

I feel like it's inevitable that we'll see Rachel's dads eventually, but it's kind of ridiculous that we haven't so far. They probably want to stunt cast them but I wish they'd just got a couple of lesser-known but great character actors like they did for Kurt's dad and just had them there all along.

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I am so confused about who and how we're supposed to be rooting for in the whole Brittany/Santana thing. Neither of them seems prepared to be in a supportive, out, healthy relationship given the push-pull they're both giving each other. I mean, obviously they're epically in love, and they'll get together some day, but right now, I think it'd be a trainwreck.

I kind of love how awful Finn, Rachel, and Quinn are to each other. That was by far my favorite part of this episode: it was just so very clear how terrible any resolution to that triangle is going to be, because they are all three of them awful people when they're interacting with each other. It gave me hope, really. (Either that, or it confirms that they deserve each other. Take them all three of them out of the dating pool, immediately! For the good of the entire world!)

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I am so confused about who and how we're supposed to be rooting for in the whole Brittany/Santana thing.

I think we're just supposed to be rooting for them both to get their shit together? I really like that they're both trying so hard but still fucking up; it's not really anyone's fault, they're just in different places right now. They'll get there eventually.

It's definitely the awfulness that made the Rachel/Finn/Quinn stuff fun, but I feel like that's probably not actually what the writers were going for. I'm sure by the end of the season we'll be expected to buy that Rachel/Finn is epic true love.

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Blaine, who is just tedious

There really isn't enough agreement in the world to sum up my feelings here. I can't abide Blaine, he just reeks of being one of those Gay Yoda characters they used to parachute into Dawson's Creek to teach Jack A Valuable Lesson About Being Gay, except then they panicked that he looked too much like a Mary Sue, so they just cobbled together a few vague and unconvincing character flaws. (Entirely unrelated, and not in any way Glee's fault, but the Darren Criss fans who bore on forever about how -*brave*- he is to be a straight actor playing a gay role fill me with RAGE.)

I'm watching at E4 pace so I'm a little behind, but I'm thrilled we've got more Santana/Brittany stuff coming up. I know I'm not exactly in a position of expertise here, but I just think that I've seen so many lesbian storylines in teen dramas that were painfully unconvincing, and yet these two are totally selling it. I find it bizarre that their relationship basically started out as a throwaway gag aimed at the slashers and yet somehow developed all this depth somewhere along the way.

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Yeah, Blaine is such a non-character. I feel like most of the people who like him only like him because he's a cute boy for Kurt to kiss, rather than because they think he's interesting. I haven't seen people saying that Darren is ~brave, but UGH. What I like about all the straight actors who play gay on Glee is that none of them think it's a big deal, so it sucks that their fans do.

I find it bizarre that their relationship basically started out as a throwaway gag aimed at the slashers and yet somehow developed all this depth somewhere along the way.

It's bizarre because the cute slash pairing that the fans love NEVER becomes canon usually (whereas fan favourite het pairings often do) - I still can't quite believe that Britt/Santana has! Naya has been knocking it out of the park on a weekly basis and HeMo's improved a lot, and it's just a joy to watch. I'm so, so happy that the writers decided to go there.