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Initial Glee finale reactions! I haven't seen anyone else's yet so I have no idea how other people feel about it but I need to get all my thoughts out now.

Are you fucking kidding me? That's all we get? So, ignoring the lack of a kiss for a while - what about the spoilers that said Santana's closet situation would be addressed? Sure, Quinn obviously knows, but that's not the same as her actually coming out. I can't believe they built this story up only to completely drop it! Will she come out next season, or is everyone just going to know? (I mean, I'm pretty sure everyone DOES know, but that's not the same as her TELLING people.)

Ugh, I'm SO ANGRY. I can deal without them kissing because they've left it open-ended, but for them to drop the coming out storyline is inexcusable.

But, hey, at least we got a fuckton of Finchel to make it all better. *eyeroll*

I'm SO GLAD they didn't win, because seriously, THEY HADN'T EVEN WRITTEN THE SONGS BEFORE THEY ARRIVED IN NEW YORK. And last week everyone said they were leaving it late when Mr Schue wanted two songs by the time they touched down at JFK, heh. They really have to stop with this nonsense.


And Quinn didn't even go on a murder spree. Disappointing.

So, yeah. Kind of an anti-climax all round? Sigh. This show, honestly.

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A hot Finchel mess, the whole thing.

First, the episode was way too song-heavy. They had a couple of good numbers in there but the jaunty editing in order to save time (I'm look at you 'For Good') just made the pacing super awkward. Just, so much time was wasted. The whole Will might go to Broadway thing should have been dropped completely. Was that supposed to be Glee club's big obstacle for this competition? Could they have not focused more on Quinn? A haircut does not a sane person make. Or Brittana? Or Samcedes? Matt's song should have been cut, full stop.

I loved the Queerio's scene, but that too felt heavily edited and these three girls just need friends, ffs. A few of the group scenes were cute and I'm always a fan of seeing the club just have fun; PILLOW FIGHTS, NEW YORK FROLLICKING, that shit is okay.

BUT FINCHEL. Omg. It didn't even feel meaningful. What was the point in the 'For Good' scene just for Rachel to rescind on it? How did one poorly written song completely change her mind? Finn was a dick. Like, they didn't even make him nice, he was still a dick so 10 points for character continuity Glee. It was all just pointless. I don't see how I can support a show that has such a shitty couple as it's OTP.

And Brittana. It was a smack in the face. I just, if I cared less I could write more.


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Yeah, Finn is a total douchebag. Why are we supposed to be rooting for Rachel to be with him? She deserves better.

Will's storyline was totally pointless, I agree. He should've stayed in New York, and then they could get Jesse to coach New Directions and teach them what a work ethic is.

The obligatory Brittana locker scene felt like it was building up to Santana coming out, what with Brittany saying that glee was like a family, but it just went nowhere. What was the point? I did like the Unholy Trinity stuff though. I'd like to see more of that in season three, but like that'll ever happen.

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literally been waiting for you to post your thoughts lol
i haven't seen it yet, it wont be on for 3 weeks, but i'm already sad. Did you see the heather tweet? Next year i want so much more for Santana.
Finn/Will/Artie all need to leave.

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Yeah, I saw Heather's tweet. To be honest I don't mind her shipping Bartie as long as she can sell Brittana if/when it happens, but I think it would've been smarter to keep her opinion to herself - people are bound to be a little upset about her saying that, especially after the disappointment of the finale.

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Yeah I guess. it's just Naya seems so into it.
At least Brad has twitted saying the Santana stuff isn't finished and that it's important to him.
He probs only said it to calm the fans down but at least it's something

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Brad's tweet definitely made me feel a bit better - I was worried that they'd drop Santana's coming out storyline and say it just happened over the summer, but now I'm hopeful that it'll carry on till next year. And I still believe in Brittana, dammit!

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Dude, it was such a mess. The pacing was all out of whack for a start. I felt like nothing happened for half an hour - pointless songs, misattributed songs - and then too much happened too quickly in the back half.

Quelle surprise they went with Finchel. I won't say anything more than that because I really don't like the pairing, and I hate how they make strides toward Rachel trusting herself and being less dependent and then undo it ten seconds later just because of Golden Boy Hudson.

Things I loved:
  1. 'My Cup,' How could you not? Cutting the epic verse was hella mean though.
  2. Rachel/Kurt and their NYC experience. I <3 Lea/Chris in that mode. I wish there was more.
  3. Quinn fucking Fabray. Dianna was on. I loved the Queerios stuff. It's been ages since they've had anything like that.
  4. Santana 'lovesick' Lopez. The girl has it so bad.  She was probably wishing for more from New York too, and I'm not just taking about Nationals. Her reaction to their loss was so telling.
  5. Sam/Mercedes! OMG, I love it. About damn time Miss Jones got something.
On to the main event, the thorny issue of Brittana:

Yes they backpeddled a bit and friend zoned it, which blows, and there's a massive ass double standard in terms of Finchel action verses, well, everyone else, so I wasn't surprised. I've said this elsewhere, but although I was pissed they didn't do more than hug yesterday, I don't want that first proper kiss to be a throwaway thing. By proper I mean that whenever they kiss next, it'll probably be the first time Santana's kissed or been affectionate toward someone she genuinely has feelings for and that's kinda huge. Yes, Santana's a long way from where she began this season. Yes, she's much further along in the process of accepting herself than Karofsky is, but do I think she's ready to enter into a full-blown relationship with Britt and all that comes along with that? Not quite yet.

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what was the epic verse of my cup?

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I heard another version that was slightly longer. Maybe it was a little too risque! I'll see if I can find it. ETA, here it is. Lol.
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I agree with all of this! Except I don't necessarily feel like Brittana have been friend zoned - I'm still clinging on to "I love you more than I've ever loved anyone else in this world. All I know about you and I is that because of that I think anything is possible". Yeah, the best friend thing after that sucked, but anything is possible! They may be sticking to being friends for now, but I still have faith.

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Anything is possible, which is what they were after. It's too early for resolutions. If this was the acutal finale for this incarnation of Glee, then I'd rage, but as it's not, that's cool. Good things come to those who wait. Not so long ago Brittana were just a subtext bit of humour.

re: Friend zoning, it was partly my Finchel rage showing, but maybe I didn't put that right. I think they've stepped off the gas peddle a bit, and that's fine, because as I said, I don't think either of them, especially San, are ready.

Yeah, the friend like stung a little compared to what we'd all conjured in our heads, but the more I think about it, the more it makes sense. It shows to me that Britt is aware that if she puts the full depth of her feelings out there, then it'll scare Santana away and she'll run a mile, whereas if they go a little slower, build their friendship back up and then go into a proper relationship, then Santana will be much more comfortable. Like Britt said, 'it's better with feelings.' By that point in time, all the rest of the Glee clubbers know - because let's be honest, it's really only the boys at this point, who might not - will be chill, and close rank like they did for Kurt if anyone starts stuff.

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Now that I've had a little time to process I'm not as upset as I was last night that basically nothing happened (aside from a reiteration of what they've both been saying for several episodes, that they love each other). I didn't really expect a kiss (because if Glee has taught me anything it's to not get my hopes up) but I honestly thought there would be some sort of coming out moment for Santana and it's REALLY frustrating that it didn't happen.

I'm trying to think positive. Brad's tweet about Santana restores my hope somewhat that Santana's coming out won't be something that gets glossed over in the summer but right now I have very little faith that Brittana will actually happen. I would have been okay with how open-ended they left things but knowing that Heather doesn't think they belong together keeps me from being optimistic about their future as a couple. Obviously she doesn't write the show, but knowing that an actor isn't fully invested in a storyline keeps me from getting really excited about it. IDK. I still love her to pieces but I just have a lot of feelings right now that I don't quite know what to do with.

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Honestly, I've been up and down all day - sometimes I feel like it's all going to be okay, other times I start to lose hope. It's really frustrating to have all this build-up and still not know if it's ever going to happen. If this was only ever meant to be about Santana coming out and not about Brittana happening then it seems... dishonest of the writers to frame the storyline in the way they have, because Brittany's been a crucial part of it all along.

Heather's tweet was definitely disappointing, and I wish she hadn't made that comment. Obviously she's entitled to her opinion, but it just seems like a bad move to share it when the vast majority of her fanbase disagrees. I hope it won't change things on the show, but who knows.

The summer hiatus is going to be REALLY long. OMG, this fandom is going to eat itself.

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If this was only ever meant to be about Santana coming out and not about Brittana happening then it seems... dishonest of the writers to frame the storyline in the way they have, because Brittany's been a crucial part of it all along.

Exactly. They could have easily given Santana a coming out storyline that didn't revolve around Brittany. But it wasn't just about Santana, it was about Santana and Brittany. And to still not know if the developments of the last 8 episodes will ever actually culminate in a relationship is really disheartening.

It was kind of a bad PR move that might end up alienating some of her fanbase. I just worry that she has cold feet about being part of a lesbian storyline and that her hesitation will result in Brittana not happening. Right now I just need some clarification and to know that she's not opposed to the direction the character of Brittany has taken. Like, she can ship Bartie all she wants, but I need to know that she's not anti-Brittana.

UGH. I dislike ending the season on such an uncertain note.

Lol. Html issues.
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Does anyone know Heather Morris' twitter account? All I seem to be able to find are fakes and other Glee folk do not seem to be following her.


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She doesn't have one. The tweet everyone's talking about was Womens Health magazine tweeting a few comments that she'd made to them.

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omg Ju what is this fandom and the name smushes? How does your head not fall off in horror using them all the time?? *scared*


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IDK I'M JUST KIND OF USED TO USING THEM BY NOW? Some of them are awful ('WEMMA' OMG WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT) but IDK, I can cope with stuff like Brittana and Finchel. They're so ubiquitous that you basically have to get used to them or DIE.

I was disappointed when I first heard For Good before the episode because I don't think that a) Kurt and Rachel's friendship is anywhere near as epic as Elphaba and Glinda's, and b) Chris can compare to Cheno, but I really liked it in the context of the episode! Especially compared to how crap the other songs were, heh.