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Initial Glee finale reactions! I haven't seen anyone else's yet so I have no idea how other people feel about it but I need to get all my thoughts out now.

Are you fucking kidding me? That's all we get? So, ignoring the lack of a kiss for a while - what about the spoilers that said Santana's closet situation would be addressed? Sure, Quinn obviously knows, but that's not the same as her actually coming out. I can't believe they built this story up only to completely drop it! Will she come out next season, or is everyone just going to know? (I mean, I'm pretty sure everyone DOES know, but that's not the same as her TELLING people.)

Ugh, I'm SO ANGRY. I can deal without them kissing because they've left it open-ended, but for them to drop the coming out storyline is inexcusable.

But, hey, at least we got a fuckton of Finchel to make it all better. *eyeroll*

I'm SO GLAD they didn't win, because seriously, THEY HADN'T EVEN WRITTEN THE SONGS BEFORE THEY ARRIVED IN NEW YORK. And last week everyone said they were leaving it late when Mr Schue wanted two songs by the time they touched down at JFK, heh. They really have to stop with this nonsense.


And Quinn didn't even go on a murder spree. Disappointing.

So, yeah. Kind of an anti-climax all round? Sigh. This show, honestly.

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