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For the first time in a while I find myself needing to talk about Doctor Who!

OH SHIT ALL THE AMY/RIVER FIC I'VE EVER READ JUST BECAME INCEST. LOLOLOL. I used to ship it and now I don't think I can; I'm fine with siblingcest but parent/child incest squicks me.

Anyway, the Melody Pond = River Song reveal wasn't a massive surprise, but I like this development! Mostly because River has always been awesome, but the fact that she's PART TIME LORD makes her even cooler. And if she's the girl in the space suit and she killed the Doctor then that lines up with River saying she killed the best man she ever knew, but then... it seemed like River didn't know anything about the little girl in the opener, right? Huh. I guess I'd have to go back and rewatch.

But, anyway, plotty stuff aside - because I really love this series-long arc they've got going, but I'm happy to let it unfold instead of trying to twist my mind into knots to figure it all out - I'm really interested in how this changes the dynamic of Team TARDIS. Even though this series has been really patchy (arc stuff + Gaiman's ep = AWESOME, pirates and flesh eps = RUBBISH), Eleven & Amy & Rory & River are my faaaavourites and I can't wait to see their interaction now they know who River is. I'm anticipating weirdness and lulz and oh, WHY DO WE HAVE TO WAIT.

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