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- Finally after like a million years I got myself a new LJ layout, updated my profile and uploaded an amazing new animated Glee moodtheme. I'm not sure if this is actually going to correspond with me being more active on LJ, but I hope so! I think I need to friend a bunch of people in Glee fandom but I always find it kind of difficult to get involved with a new fandom like that. Lurking is so much easier.

- How awesome was the Game of Thrones finale? The day after I watched it I went out and bought the first book; I wasn't planning on reading them because I like being surprised by the TV show, but there's no way I can last until next year without finding out what happens next.

- I assume everyone is as excited as I am about Pottermore? I don't know if it'll actually turn out to be as awesome as it sounds but right now it looks like it's going to be very cool.

- I'm still really enjoying Pretty Little Liars, but UGH, can we please get rid of Samara already. She's SO BORING; they obviously didn't bother to characterise her beyond "nice girl for Emily". Also, she looks like she ought to be cute and yet somehow isn't. Bring back Paige and her serial killer bangs, please.

- Has anyone else been watching The Voice? I'm kind of in love with Dia Frampton.

- Apparently [ profile] femslash11 assignments are being sent out at the moment, although I haven't received mine yet. I'm looking forward to it; it's always one of my favourite fic exchanges, and I can't wait to start writing. :D Just received it! And it's going to be a bit of a challenge, but that's definitely a good thing.

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Come join in the LJ revival! I did a friending meme and picked up a bunch of new friends but I still think that's a really awkward way to meet people. I honestly don't know how I met so many cool people through Skins fandom because I'm useless at making new friends now.

GoT was SO GOOD. I was pretty irritated that I saw a gif of the dragons before I got to see the episode (my own fault for being on tumblr) but it didn't make that final scene any less awesome.

I'm still somewhat confused about what Pottermore actually is...

THANK YOU for thinking Samara is totally boring. I thought I was the only one. She's like PLL's Blaine. Just brought in to be a love interest with very little personality beyond that. At least Paige was off-kilter enough to be interesting.

I love Dia. I prefer Vicci's tone but Dia is a stronger musician and more original so I think she'll win the thing. I'd be cool with either of them though.

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I will try! Tumblr is fun and everything but I miss actually talking to people. I should probably start with friending all the people who write fic I like (...and also commenting more on fic I read, oops) but it's still hard.

I managed to scroll past the dragon gifs on Tumblr without noticing what they were; I'm super impressed that I managed to stay unspoiled. The moment when I realised what she was doing with the funeral pyre was awesome.

Not sure anyone knows exactly what Pottermore is, which is probably what makes it sound fun! All I know is that there's new info about the world and you get sorted into a house and get given a wand, or something. And probably lots more than that!

Vicci is my second favourite but I was kind of disappointed by Dog Days Are Over. She was awesome last week though. I think in the end it'll be close between Dia and Javier just based on iTunes numbers but I'm hoping Dia can take it.

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I'm sooo bad about commenting on fic these days. I don't even read that much anymore but when I do I rarely leave a comment. /guilty

Yeah, Vicci had some pitch problems in DDAO and struggled with her breathing with all the running around. Her hair was awesome though. I really hope Javier doesn't win because I think he's really overrated. His tone is nice but his penchant for zillions of runs gets old real fast and there's nothing new or interesting about his sound.

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Every now and then I try to make an effort because I know that I always like receiving comments on fic, but I always find it hard to say anything more articulate than "this was awesome!".

I agree about Javier; I really like his voice but have never really cared for any of his actual performances.

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Yay for you hopefully coming back to LJ. Well, not coming back, but your ~revival. :D

Goddamn, I really do hate Samara as well. Paige will be back in the second half of S2, though! And she'll even get her own story arc! I hope Emily ends up with her instead of Samara, who is the biggest ... ugh. No thanks.

I am still waiting for my femslash11 assignment. :(

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The second half of s2 seems like way too long to wait for more Paige! I hate how sometimes the secondary characters on this show just fall off the face of the earth for episodes at a time. But at least she is coming back!

Did you get your assignment? I hope it's something awesome. :D

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Ha I've just decided to try and get back into LJ - I've not been into it much since Skins fandom sort of went, shal we say, less good, but I'm slowly progressing beyond just lurking in the Game of Thrones fandom, and am considering Glee too, just because it's summer and what else am I going to do?

The GoT finale was brilliant - I literally cried twice (although I do cry at everything so that's not necessarily significant. I even liked Sansa in this episode! So there you go, it can still surprise you evenif you've read the books.

Also is PLL back on? I am behind on these things - what's the new series like - Samara aside? I also vote for bringing Paige back, although not the fringe.

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I liked Sansa for the first time in the finale too! When she nearly pushed Joffrey off that ledge she went straight to the top of my BAMF list. One of the Starks needs to kill him and I hope it's her.

PLL has only had new two episodes so far so there's not much for you to catch up on. It's been pretty good so far - not amazing, but still a lot of fun.

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Ha yeah - he is so ridiculously evil. And Sansa probably has the first claim for killing him, he's been awful to her. And poor Ned too. Even Cersei wanted him to live, and she's not known for her goodness.
You planning on reading the books? I sort of had to because I had to know what was going to happen lol.

And ah there we go, not too behind the times then. Makes a change :p

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I was glad they brought back Samara because I do find her cute, but yeah, there's not a lot of depth there. Isn't Maya scheduled to come back as well? I'd honestly rather have Samara, because on top of finding Maya boring, she always kind of bugged me. This show just needs to get much, much better at fleshing out love interests, though; the great majority of them lack either development or likability or both. I really hope we haven't seen the last of Paige and Caleb - they're the only two that I still liked by the end of last season and who managed to hold my interest.

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Yeah, I heard they were bringing Maya back (although I have no idea where she's going to live, because Jason seems to have moved into her house). I prefer Samara to Maya too but you're right, the love interests generally suck. Apparently Paige is coming back in the second half of season two, and I imagine Caleb will stick around although I haven't heard anything definite.

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I updated my LJ layout toooo. There's something very cathartic about it, I think. :P

I've been flailing about GoT all over the internet, but I'll say it here too: amazing show is amazing. I've been powering through the books, and I'm more in love with it every new chapter.

I prefer Samara to Maya, but yes, more Paige please.

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Oh, your new layout is so pretty! I'm too lazy to make a header for mine so I thought I'd just stick with something simple.

I've only read 68 pages of the first book but I'm really enjoying it so far. I'm sort of WTFing over everyone's ages though, because seriously, Robb and Jon are only fourteen?

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I ganked the header from a lovely graphic maker, because it was just too pretty not to use.

The writing's very involving, I think, but I had a total WTF moment over everyone's ages, too. In my headcanon I tend to age them all up a bit. :P