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- A day later and I've just about recovered from the Brittana kiss. (The hug afterwards is my favourite part.) I dread to think what I'm going to be like if WHEN we get a proper kiss on the show. IT MUST HAPPEN.

- I'm still really sad about Chord being cut! Sam, with his ridiculous impressions and his Justin Bieber tribute band and his general all-round adorkableness, was by far my favourite of the guys. Also, Sam/Mercedes had so much potential. I can understand why they might have thought he was expendable, because he doesn't seem to have a ton of fans like Darren and Chris do, but I still think he was really widely liked even if he wasn't a lot of people's favourite. SIGH.

- I'm also sad that the Glee tour is over. What are we going to do without endless buttslap gifs to tide us over until we get new episodes?

- Question for fic-writing purposes: how many weeks does a typical US high school summer break last?

- I feel kind of guilty for not having written a letter to my [ profile] femslash11 author, especially considering I usually write such long ones. I guess it's too late now? (Dear [ profile] femslash11 author, if you're reading this: just write whatever you're inspired to write, and I'll be super happy with it!) I haven't even started writing my own fic, although it is mostly planned out so I'm hoping I won't find it too difficult to get the actual words out.

- I'm really enjoying the new Patrick Wolf album, Lupercalia. I wasn't that impressed at first but it's finally grown on me! /no1curr

- This moodtheme makes me ridiculously happy. ♥

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Summer vacay depends on the state and type of school.

For example a private school (like Blaine's) in NY would be on holiday from by about June 6 'til the first or second week in September. A public school here would run until the end of June and be back in right after Labor Day, so early September.

I know in other states public school is back in in August and that it differs by state on lots of different factors including weather, whether school buildings are air conditioned and farm seasons.

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Thanks for the info! That roughly maps onto what I was planning, so if I don't get too specific about timelines it should work out okay.

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I think the most important thing you can do for realism is have the McKinley and Dalton schedules not line up perfectly. The public/private ones never do.

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I don't think the Dalton schedule is really going to come into play in this particular story, but I'll bear that in mind if I ever do write about it. Thanks again!

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THE TRUMPETY BITS IN 'THE CITY' ARE BESSSSST. :D I also am enjoying the album more than I first thought I would!

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The City is awesome! Although I've played it loads since it was a single so I'm not listening to it so much now. My favourites at the moment are The Future and The Falcons :D

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I loved Sam! He was the best guy in it, way better that mike or Blaine. Really thought they'd planned on keeping him after they said he was younger than Finn. Like Brittany and Santana being younger than Quinn meant they were keeping them. The hug was so cute!

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Yeah, it's weird, a couple of weeks ago they were implying that Chord was going to stick around after every else graduated, and then they decided to get rid of him? Doesn't make much sense. I hadn't heard that Brittany and Santana were meant to be younger than Quinn, but honestly the writers seem to change their minds about the characters' ages all the time.

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I'm so much more optimistic that Brittana will actually happen now. The writers have already started on season three and SURELY the head honchos wouldn't let an on-stage kiss happen if they weren't going to get together on-screen as well. I JUST NEED THEM TOGETHER. I DON'T WANT SANTANA/SOME OTHER GIRL, I WANT SANTANA/BRITTANY.

Of course they cut the super dorky nice guy who has interesting relationships with several members of the glee club in favor of the completely bland nice guy whose only meaningful interactions have been with Kurt and Rachel. Darren and Chord are both lovely but I'd take Sam over Blaine any day of the week.

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Well, I don't know whether the onstage kiss would have to be OK'd by any higher-ups but even if it wasn't, I'm still more optimistic about Brittana happening. They can't ignore the massive reaction, right? It would make no sense to just drop such a popular pairing and hook Santana up with some random new girl that everyone would inevitably hate.

Oh, I much prefer Sam to Blaine too, but I don't really see why we can't have both? (Not that I care about Blaine staying at all, but he obviously wasn't going anywhere.) I think they've probably shot themselves in the foot by getting rid of a popular character, because it's just going to make people resent the new characters even more.