botherd: (glee: gay hat)
botherd ([personal profile] botherd) wrote2011-08-14 10:21 pm

Really I ought to post more often just to take advantage of this glorious moodtheme.

Eep, [ profile] femslash11 stories are due on Tuesday and I haven't quite finished! (Well, it's all written, but I wrote it longhand and I need to finish typing it up. I know, I need to learn how to write straight onto the computer.) Will anyone be available tomorrow for a last-minute beta? I mostly need someone who can American-pick and spot any glaring errors. I can't share the fandom/pairing here because it's meant to be secret, but I can PM people details if you think you can help. Thank you in advance!

(I feel kind of bad about neglecting posting for over a month and then starting up again only to ask a favour, but desperate times!)

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