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Dear [ profile] rarewomen writer,

Firstly, YOU'RE AWESOME. Thank you so much for writing me a fic! My golden rule of fic exchanges is this: the fic I'm most interested in reading is the fic you're most interested in writing. If you write what inspires you I'm sure it'll be great. There are really no hard and fast rules as to what I like to read, and while I have some general squicks I don't have any triggers you need to avoid.

I like fic that feels like canon, and I like happy or hopeful or at least bittersweet endings. I like a bit of angst, or at least tension and conflict, but I'm not really a fan of stories that are unrelentingly dark. When it comes to romantic relationships I vastly prefer the build-up and UST and getting-together to established relationships, unless the relationship is already established in canon.

Other general likes: snark and banter, introspection, wacky hijinks, bittersweet moments, longing, girls kissing, gay angst, loyal friendships, unrequited love, sense of place, backstory, slice of life, intimacy, family, identity.

General dislikes: character death, non-con, dirty talk, PWP, first person narration.

Rating-wise I'm cool with anything, and I've requested femslash for everything here but I'm also totally fine with gen about any of these women. I'd prefer no het or femslash pairings I haven't specified. I'm not really interested in AUs where they're pirates or space cowboys or anything that's very different from canon but I don't mind AUs that diverge slightly from canon events, and I'd prefer no crossovers even if you're sure that I like the other fandom.

I don't really have anything to add about my specific fandoms because I'm super easy and would love anything about any of these women, but here's what I wrote in my optional details anyway:

Bomb Girls: Betty McRae, Kate Andrews
McAndrews, pairing of my heart! I can't tell you how much I adore these two. I love the delicious angst and the FEELINGS and I just really, really want them to have a happy ending. Anything dealing with their relationship would be wonderful, and I'm also a huge fan of Gladys as the supportive BFF if you want to include her. If you only matched on one of the characters and you don't ship it, then I'd love to read anything dealing with Betty's queerness, or Kate finding her place in the world.

Glee RPF: Naya Rivera, Dianna Agron
My RPF OTP! I honestly don't expect to get matched on this one, but if you have offered to write these two? LET ME LOVE YOU. There are so many possibilities here - tour shenanigans? PARIS? Filming the glorious Quinntana scenes from "I Do"? I would just adore anything fun and bantery and romantic. I usually prefer non-AU but I would actually be more than okay with college AU or coffee shop AU or something along those lines. I also kind of love futurefic with marriage and babies? Basically I'm just asking for shameless id!fic here, oh God. Oh, and please please please don't mention their RL boyfriends at all.

Pretty Little Liars: Paige McCullers, Emily Fields
I have ALL THE FEELINGS for these two and would love anything that explores their relationship, whether that's something set now, or filling in the gaps when they sort of dated back in season one. I'd really love it if you gave them a happy ending, because I think they've suffered enough in canon. If you only matched on one I'd also be super happy with gen about either of them, and feel free to use the other Liars if you like. (If you wanted to pair either of them with Spencer, that would be more than okay with me.)

Girls: Hannah Horvath, Marnie Michaels, Jessa Johansson, Shoshanna Shapiro
I love these girls, flaws and all, and would love anything that explores their relationships in any combination. Episode 1x08 made me ship Jessa/Marnie, so I would love anything with them, and I'm also really into Hannah and Marnie's relationship. I'd love to see them repairing their friendship, or flashbacks to their time at college together, or anything really! And Shoshanna is awesome so I'd love anything that fleshed out her life a little. I'm not super interested in any of their relationships with men so I'd prefer something focused just on the girls.

And here are my tumblr tags in case you want to see the kind of things I flail about:
Bomb Girls
Pretty Little Liars
(I apparently don't have one for Girls because I guess I haven't reblogged it much since I started tagging things properly this year. But that doesn't mean I don't love it!)

Basically I just want you to have fun and write something that makes you happy. ♥