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I kind of feel like I'm at a loose end now NaNo is over! It's been a weird one this year (but then, I feel like it's always a different experience and a different challenge) but although it's not perfect, I'm mostly satisfied with how it turned out. I've never written an ensemble fic before and it's given me an all-new respect for the Skins writers, because you know how they get criticised for weird pacing and not focusing equally on all the characters and dropping storylines and all of that? Yeah, well, THAT SHIT IS HARD. I mean, I think I did okay at juggling nine characters, but I know that Thomas and Freddie got shafted and now nobody will know that in the background they were totally having a torrid love affair. :(

More for my own reference than anything else, here's what I'm working on next:

- Yuletide main assignment (due 21st Dec)
- Yuletide pinch-hit (21st Dec)
- [ profile] skins_holiday assignment (21st-31st Dec)
- [ profile] apocabigbang (5th Feb)

Plus, you know, there's that 30k 80s AU lingering on my hard drive that just needs a bit of polishing. I should probably get on that.

ALSO I still really want to write Katie/Emily(/Naomi) but I'm not sure if I could make it work.
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Does anyone know if Tony's birthday is mentioned at all in canon? Either a specific date or the general time of year or anything? (I'm hoping not, because then I can make it up, but I figured I should check.)
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- I signed up for [ profile] apocabigbang! Looking forward to doing another BB challenge, and it seems like quite a few Skins writers are doing it too, so that's cool. So far I have a title and a vague premise, but I've yet to figure out, um, what actually caused the apocalypse. But, you know, details. ;)

- New Effy moodtheme! ♥

- I know I've been promising that the 80s AU will be posted "soon" for over a month now, but it is actually nearing completion now. It still needs a bit of work, but I'm mostly happy with it, I think. It's not really as 80s-tastic as I intended, and it's not 80s in a lulzy way, but I'm still pleased with how the story's turned out.

- I have this week's Glee downloaded but IDK, this show isn't really living up to expectations for me. I like some of the characters and some of the musical numbers, but I'm not sure if I like them enough to overlook the massive amounts of general privilege!fail.

- Back to the apocalypse: rec me songs about the end of the world? I have a handful, but I'd like more.
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Question for anyone who knows more about 80s fashion than me, i.e. probably everybody: what sort of fug trousers would Katie Fitch wear in 1988? I need a specific type. Context, lol:

Between kisses they manage to remove the rest of their clothing, Katie getting tangled up for a moment as she kicks off her [ugly 80s trousers].

(The 80s AU is currently full of stuff like this, bits that need to be filled in, but I'm making progress!)

Any ideas?

In other news, the glorious series four footage has cemented a few things in my mind:

- I really hate Naomi's hair. :( HOWEVER, I am willing to forgive it if she continues to make out with Emily in corridors. Or anywhere, really.

- I still don't like Cook. Or, rather, I don't like his disproportionate amount of screentime and the way he manages to get involved in EVERYONE else's storylines. DNW more of that this year.

- Katie Fitch is my FAVOURITEST WOOBIE EVER, OH MY GOD. giftacular evidence nicked from violet4120 )

Her faaaaace! WOOBIE! (LOL, I'm such a fucking hypocrite; I universally hate the woobification of every male character ever, and yet woobie!Katie is my favourite thing in the entire world.) I can't believe how much I fucking love her now considering I was completely indifferent at first. Kaaaaatie!

- Katie and Effy are MFEO. I don't think I could physically ship them harder! At this moment in time, at least, they've edged out Naomi/Emily as my Skins OTP. A combination of Bedlam + writing them myself + gifs like the one above has completely done me in, guys.

(I'm thinking of writing Katie/Effy for [ profile] apocabigbang, actually, even though I stupidly feel like I'd be ~copying Jen.)


also stolen from violet; probs NSFW )
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(In other news, the first draft of the 80s AU should be finished today or tomorrow, then I'm anticipating a week or so of typing up/editing/betaing etc. Should be due about a week on Friday??)
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Thanks for all the birthday wishes, dudes! ♥ Despite my choice of .gif, I didn't actually 'go fucking mental' last night. (I kind of gave up binge drinking after one particularly heinous hangover I got in Canada. Ughhh, the memory alone makes me want to DIE. I hadn't even meant to get drunk that time, but the lure of a 90s night that played classic songs such as 'Your Woman' and, um, 'Are You Jimmy Ray?' proved TOO STRONG. Needless to say, I didn't make it to my 8:30 class the next day.)

In other news, it's ~come to my attention~ that I've never actually pointed out that the 80s AU I keep blathering on about is Katie/Effy, so consider this the official announcement. I feel like I'm... not exactly nearing the end, but I've passed the difficult middle bit and now all the big stuff's starting to happen. (It's at ~19k so far, btw, if anyone cares.)

Anyway, because apparently some people are excited curious, I thought I'd post a ~teaser. It's not much, just the first 545 words, but, uh. Enjoy?

I should probably come up with a title for this )
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- So I saw the latest episode of True Blood. Thoughts )

- As ~research (lol) for my fic, I rewatched the Effy episodes from series two and three and omg, the urge to hug a fictional character has never been so strong. It's weird; it took me a long time to warm up to Effy (I didn't much like anyone from the first cast) and now all I want to do is give her a massive hug and feed her chocolate and somehow make it all okay. IDK, she just makes me SO SAD. brb, rewriting my 80s AU (where her circumstances are, if possible, even worse; I'M SO SORRY, EFFY) to include a million gratuitous hugging scenes.

- Speaking of! I'm about 10,000 words into the 80s AU and I... kind of still feel like I'm setting things up? It's hard to tell how long it's going to be in the end, because it keeps running away from me and getting longer and longer. Still really excited about writing it, though, even if probably won't be finished for MONTHS.

- Earlier today I started thinking about Yuletide. WTF, SELF, IT'S AUGUST. But, yeah, I'm already planning out what I'll request and offer to write. I think last year Skins was a listed fandom, but I'm sure this year it'll be considered too big (which makes me all kinds of happy, really, because I heart this fandom and all the creative types in it so fucking much, and I don't think I say that enough).

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Doing ~research about the 80s for my fic is SO MUCH FUN. I've put together an almost-complete Spotify playlist of Now That's What I Call Music! 11; I've discovered that, much as I hoped, EastEnders used to air after Top of the Pops on Thursdays; I've looked at the all the number ones for the decade and squeed when I found that 'I Should Be So Lucky' was number one at the point in time that I'm writing about; I've watched the Top of the Pops opening credits that aired in the late 80s. Fun! So now I feel like I have a better idea of what Katie Fitch would be listening to in 1988. I also watched The Supersizers Eat... The Eighties, which has given me some culinary ~inspiration.

Of course, the other things I've been researching for this fic are like, AIDS and Thatcher and stuff like that, so it's not all been fun times. Really interesting, though. (The writing's not going too badly, either.)
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- Kaya Scodelario continues to be hilarious and adorable on Twitter. Her nan drove through a fence on a quadbike! AMAZING. Kat and Meg need to do a hilarious interview at some godawful film premiere if they want me to remember how much I love them.

- Yesterday was the Caribbean Carnival in Leicester, which is one of the few things about my home town that's actually pretty awesome. (I didn't actually know it was on, but I was in town and, well, it's kind of hard to miss.) I got a few (rubbish) photos of some of the cooler parts on the parade under the cut )

- I'm making slow progress on the 80s AU, which is up to about 4000 words at the moment. I'm kind of enjoying writing it, but this is my first time writing an AU and it's HARD. I feel like I have to have a completely different approach to characterisation; most of the relationships on the show are very much tied to the circumstances, so if the circumstances change the character dynamics do too. (For example, Emily isn't in the fic, so Katie and Naomi's relationship is completely different and I have to figure out how to make it still seem authentic.) UGH, WRITING. WHY DO I BOTHER.

- I've been re-watching Weeds from the beginning and fuck, I'd forgotten how good the early seasons were. Conrad and Heylia > Esteban. (Also, the early seasons had the advantage of not having a stupid pregnancy/baby storyline. I don't mind it a huge amount, but I don't think there's ever been a baby storyline that I've actively enjoyed. In like, ANYTHING EVER.)

- Is it just me, or has LJ been a bit useless at emailing notifications lately? I think I've got most of them, but if I haven't replied to comments or whatever, I promise I'm not just ignoring you.
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So, on Wednesday I graduated! I now officially have a BA (Hons) in English with Study in North America, but I've yet to put it to good use and find a job. (And now I'm back living with my parents, KILL ME NOW.) The graduation ceremony was awesome, because FLOELLA BENJAMIN. I just wish I'd been as brave as some people and asked for a hug.

Random gripe: my degree certificate doesn't have my middle name on it. I like my middle name! I like having the same first two initials as Exeter's most famous graduate! So I'm stupidly disappointed about that little detail. :(

Anyway, life: I had been feeling like I was totally done with university, but now I'm thinking about working at some pointless job for a year and then doing an MA in creative writing. IDK. I just don't want to end up doing some job I'm not that interested in and having it become my career, you know?

... I feel like if I want to be serious about becoming a published writer I should write something that, um, isn't fanfiction, and yet that's all I want to write. I'm working on an 80s AU that I think has a lot of potential to be good. But it's probably going to be longer than my little bang fic, just because more characters have significant parts (so far I have Katie, Effy, Naomi, Cook, Freddie, and maybe JJ; SPOT THE GLARING OMISSION), and that means it's going to take me aaages to write it. Sigh. I need something that's like a pensieve, except instead of turning thoughts into swirly white stuff it turns them into words.


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