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My work's sent me on a First Aid course this week and okay, I am way too squeamish for this. There's a section in the guide we were given about EMBEDDED-FISH HOOKS D: And we were shown a (fake) video of someone being SHOT IN THE EYE WITH AN ARROW D: D: D: Ughhh, I feel all weird just thinking about some of the things that were talked about today. Luckily I work in an office so the most severe injuries are going to be like, papercuts, but still.

Also annoying: any other week I'd be able to stay up and watch the election results, because I don't usually work on Fridays, but this week I have to get up extra early on Friday for Fire Marshal training. :(

In other news, I heard that on American Idol this week Siobhan was planning on singing the Sid Vicious version of 'My Way', and now I'm even more gutted that she got voted off. Instead, this week will probably go something like this: Mike will ham it up embarrassingly, Casey will show what a weak voice he has, Aaron will sing something too big for him, Lee will be off-key but the judges will still say he had a 'moment', and only Crystal will actually be any good. At least we have Gaga on the results show to look forward to!
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Do I have to spoiler cut for American Idol results? Just in case:

Results )
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- I've been kind of quiet lately, and I feel like a lot of people on my flist have been too. How are you all? Enjoying your Easter weekend? I don't really celebrate Easter now that I'm apparently Too Old For Easter Eggs, but I'm enjoying my five day weekend. \o/

- The other thing that's awesome about this Easter weekend? NEW DOCTOR WHO TONIGHT! I actually stopped watching New Who about three episodes into Martha's series but a couple of months ago - after the Christmas specials, I think - I marathoned the rest and fell in love all over again. Stephen Moffatt wrote all my favourite episodes from the last few series so I'm excited about him being the new showrunner, and I think Matt Smith's going to be a good Doctor. I'm most intrigued about Amy; I loved Martha and Donna so much, so she has big shoes to fill as far as I'm concerned, but like I said - optimistic!

- I'm kind of sad that Didi got voted off American Idol this week, except not very because she seemed to be singularly determined not to live up to her potential. Oh well, at least Siobhan managed to avoid the bottom three despite her total vocal meltdown. (I still love her, but she needs to knock it out the park this week.) Starting to suspect that fucking Lee DeWyze is going to win the whole thing, though.

- I think it's awesome that Anna Paquin came out as bi, and that she did so in a classy and understated way. Is it wrong that I always become suddenly so much more interested in a celebrity when I find out that they're queer? Because I totally do.
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- Huh, it's finale night. I'm sad that I'm not more sad about it, you know? I'm really not expecting to like it at all, and mostly I just want it to be over with already. I just hope the fandom sticks around and people try and make sense of this mess; I know [ profile] jengrrrl and I already have plans to collaborate on some sort of reimagining of series four.

- My massive crush on Siobhan Magnus continues to grow exponentially each week. I love how one minute she's being all super dramatic female Adam Lambert and the next she's adorkably squinting at the camera in her giant geek glasses. LOVE. If American Idol is going to insist on being two hours long it really just needs to be one hour of Siobhan singing and one hour of Crystal. Oh, maybe Didi can get five minutes. Everyone else can go home. (Apparently the theme next week is going to be TEEN IDOLS, LOL FOREVER. I want Siobhan to do something awesome with MMMBop, seeing as she's such a big Hanson fan she has a tattoo inspired by them. Did I mention that I love her?)

- There's a new guy who started at my work this week and he looks EXACTLY LIKE ZAC EFRON. I kind of want to surreptitiously take a photo so other people can see, but I figure that would be creepy. Then I thought I'd Facebook-stalk him, because that's a more socially acceptable brand of creepy, but his profile picture doesn't really show the Zefron resemblance at all.

- This is a really good post about Why Lady Gaga Is The Awesomest Ever. Also, I'm so happy that [ profile] gaga_beyonce exists. Brand new OTP!

- OMG, someone just brought cakes into the office. My day is made!
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God, this is a particularly soporific day at work. For some reason everyone else seems to be super busy today so there's not a whole lot of conversation to be had. Not even Zanna, the guide dog, wants to say hello to me today. And, okay, I've finished the induction period early and I have work I could be getting on with, but it's just vague ~planning stuff and I'm feeling lazy. WHY IS IT NOT HOMETIME YET.

Mostly I'm looking forward to getting home so I can watch American Idol. Fair warning: I'm getting hugely into it this year, so I'll probs end up talking about it a lot. I'm already completely in love with Siobhan and Crystal (and omg, Crystal pings my gaydar hard) and there are a couple more that I'm prepared to love if they give a knockout performance (Katelyn, Didi). The boys all suck, apart from Alex Lambert who's kind of adorable with his stagefright and mullet and surprisingly good voice, and Lilly is so hideous I want to PUNCH HER IN THE FACE. OMG, I hate her and her affected hipster bullshit so much.

Wow, I feel better getting that off my chest.

I'm still not feeling any better about this series of Skins - is it true that Jamie Brittain wrote Effy's episode? UGH - but I've started writing a kind of lulzy AU and that's cheered me up a bit. I don't want to say too much about it yet in case I end up hyping it up too much and then kind of abandoning it (y halo thar 80s AU), but it's a lot of fun so far. :D

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- RL's been busy lately and I feel really out of touch with fandom. I'm way behind on fic and I haven't watched any interviews in ages; have there been any good ones lately? And I feel terrible because I owe people fic and betas. :/ ([ profile] jules2112, I wrote you something but it was made of fail and I can't bring myself to post it. I'll write you something better and try to get it done soon.)

- Also, it doesn't help that I'm actually incredibly bitter about Naomi almost certainly not getting her own episode this series. I have a whole rant brewing, but I'll spare you - mainly because I'm still keeping my fingers crossed that she will get episode eight after all. I just wish it was official, you know? (Um, unless it already is, and I've just missed the news.)

- I've been rediscovering Fiona Apple lately. Or, well, mostly I've been listening to Shadowboxer on repeat. That song! ♥

- I've been getting into American Idol this year. \o/ I love stupid shows like this and The X Factor, even when I hate them. My favourite so far is Siobhan, because she's so awesome and weird. I mean, she's a glass-blowing apprentice with a Gashlycrumb Tinies tattoo - what's not to love? Also enjoying Crystal, Didi, Katelyn, and Janell's legs.

- Freddie's episode tonight. I don't know about you, but I can hardly contain my excitement.


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