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Whenever I don't post on LJ for a while - and this is probably the longest I've ever gone; nearly two weeks! - I feel like I need to apologise/explain, but I don't know if people even notice this kind of thing? I've still been around, reading every day and commenting here and there, but I guess because I've been in a bit of a fannish slump I haven't felt the need to post. THANKS FOR BREAKING MY SPIRIT, SKINS. Anyway, these are some of the things I might have posted about over the past two weeks if I weren't so lazy:

- Work sent me on TWO conferences last week. One was in Manchester, and was totally boring and mostly irrelevant to my work and basically a COMPLETE WASTE OF TIME, but the second one in Nottingham wasn't so bad. Although we might have spent, uh, forty minutes driving round the centre of Nottingham looking for the damn Hilton. Fuck you, one-way roads and teeny tiny road signs and GPS that kept cutting out! But I actually learnt something at that one, so yay for that, and then afterwards I got to meet up with my half-sister and niece and go to a super pretty café for cupcakes and bumbleberry juice. IDEK is bumbleberry is an actual thing or something they made up, but it was yummy.

- How good is this series of Doctor Who? Matt Smith is delightful as the Doctor and I'm already completely in love with Amy. It's basically my favourite thing ever when the companions get to save the day. ♥

- I signed up for [ profile] femgenficathon, and... I'm not entirely sure why? I don't write gen! I've been finding it difficult to write anything lately! IDK, maybe it will inspire me to write this silly crossover idea I've got.

- On Tuesday I went down to London to meet up with [ profile] lazy_daze and Zel and see Rufus Wainwright, and OMG, he was fantastic. It was just him and a piano, playing the new album interrupted for the first set and a bunch of older songs for the second set, and he sounded incredible. He messed up on the piano quite a bit, but it was kind of endearing, and he played so many songs I love. I can't believe I'd never seen him play Poses before! ♥

- Unfortunately, the day after I woke up feeling slightly weird, like I had the beginnings of a hangover even though I hadn't been drinking, and on the way home I just got worse and worse. Rushing to the train toilets in order to throw up and only just making it = not big on dignity. :(

- The leader debate last night was all kinds of boring, wasn't it? Still, well done, Mr Clegg; shame you can't win. I feel like I ought to be excited about this election because it's my first ever general election, but mostly I'm just super depressed that the Tories are almost definitely going to win.

- I'm going on holiday tomorrow! We're going down to Cornwall, so I feel kind of smug that our holiday plans haven't been thwarted by the giant volcanic ash cloud of DOOM.
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Hope everyone is having/had a wonderful Christmas/Friday, depending on timezones and whether you celebrate! I've had a really awesome festive period in general. On Wednesday and Christmas Eve I saw Hazel and Sam for the first time in ages, which was really lovely; they came to see our new house and we went on an icy countryside walk, and we exchanged amazing presents and cards and generally had an awesome time. They gave me a lolrus and some lolspeak fridge poetry, which my mum has been using to make hilarious nonsensical poems that are like Gertrude Stein meets lolcats. I love it!

Today has been really low-key but nicely so, just spending the day with my parents and brother. Got some nice presents, including a starry dressing gown that makes me feel like Dumbledore, had a gorgeous Christmas dinner, watched Doctor Who and Strictly (yay Ali and Brian!!) like the entire rest of the country.

Also also, Yuletide! :D I love my fic, Five Times Janis Could Have Kissed Demetri (In a Purely Platonic Way), which is FlashForward Janis & Demetri BFFery that makes me totally happy. And apparently I have an extra Yuletide Madness gift waiting in the wings, which is extra exciting! I can't wait to read it once the server's recovered. I wrote two fics for Yuletide, and like everyone else I'm offering a SPECIAL PRIZE (fic!) to anyone who can guess which they are (betas excluded, obvs).

And now I'm going to read a bit of The 13 1/2 Lives of Captain Bluebear or possibly watch an ep of something before bed.

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The problem with taking the National Express anywhere is that I ALWAYS get this song stuck in my head for days afterwards.

My weekend was AWESOME; my brother and I got the coach down to London and we stayed with Zel and Sam ([ profile] lazy_daze), who we hardly ever get to see anymore. We spent the weekend doing stuff like ~decadently sitting around in pubs in the middle of the afternoon, and walking along the South Bank in the sunshine (I now want to rewrite my little bang fic to add in lots of cool little details, like the awesome steampunk-y ship sculpture we saw), and being philistines in Tate Modern (the only thing we really loved was the giant table and chairs). We also drank the most expensive pitcher of Pimm's ever (£17.80!!) but it was delicious and totally worth it. The only bad thing about the weekend (except the tube failing massively) was that Zel had to work so we didn't get to see her as much. :(

The other cool thing we did was to FINALLY see HBP, at the IMAX. I think since PoA we've seen all the Harry Potter films together for the first time - I vividly remember when Sam and I queued up outside the Odeon to see PoA at 9am, and we were the second people there - so it was nice to carry on that tradition. I really loved the film, and seeing it at the IMAX was AWESOME - the first part of it was in 3D and it looked amazing.

Then we went back home (sadface) and today we had a family get-together for my niece's thirteenth birthday. And, wow, that sentence makes me feel ANCIENT. As does the fact that she's 5'10 and looks about seventeen.

I'm so unused to being so ~busy (lol) that it's quite nice to finally have an evening to flop. I have fic to catch up on and True Blood to watch, yay! :D


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