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I just got back from seeing Inception, and omg, it was awesome! Definitely recommended. I don't go to the cinema as often as I like but I'm really glad I did for this, because it was brilliant. Okay, there were some parts that were either a bit confusing or plot holes, but it didn't really matter. Plus, you know, I love Ellen Page (even if she does seem to play Ellen Page in every role) and I was glad she had lots to do.

Um, what else! I've been a bit quiet lately, mostly because nothing interesting is happening in my life. Work is okay, apart from the parts where I feel like my entire job description has changed and I'm going to end up doing stuff I didn't sign up for. Also, I'm super jealous of my brother - he just started a new job a couple of weeks ago, and now his control freak bosses are going on holiday for four weeks and closing the office, so he gets to work from home for a month! And his job basically just involves being paid to go on Facebook all day! IDEK.

Oh, and I just finished reading The Hunger Games, which I devoured (lol pun) in about three days. That's quick for me, seeing as I don't read books as much as I feel I ought to; I usually end up getting distracted by the stupid internet instead. I finished it last night and am going to rush out and buy the sequel tomorrow, which should tell you how much I enjoyed it.

This post is pretty much just turning into 'Here's what I've been enjoying in pop culture lately', isn't it? The other main thing I've been obsessing over is Fringe. I started watching it when the first season aired, but I gave up after a few episodes; I'm not sure what made me pick it up again, but it turns out I stopped watching right before it got awesome. Anyway, should any of you wish to know what to get me for my birthday next month, I'd like Olivia Dunham, please. Unf, she is so hot, and SO GAY. Like, on a scale of one to Prentiss, she's off the charts. I spent the other night rewatching the parts of Mistresses that involve Anna Torv being gay and have come to the conclusion that she basically needs to spend her entire life kissing girls purely for my entertainment. Because, you know, everything revolves around me.

How are you, flist? What books/TV shows/films have you been enjoying lately?
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OMG, how did I not know that Margaret Atwood published a follow-up to Oryx and Crake? Well, okay, it was only out a couple of weeks ago so I'm not hideously behind the times, but still. I was browsing in Waterstone's, thought I'd read the blurb of the new Margaret Atwood novel and started spazzing when it mentioned God's Gardeners and CorpSeCorps and JIMMY.

So, yes, excited. I fucking LOVE Oryx and Crake.

In fandom news, I'm... kind of dragging my heels with the 80s AU; I still have about 7000 words to type up and it's so super boring that I mostly can't be bothered. I need, like, minions. Even just one would do. Although, I haven't been completely unproductive lately; I did manage to write about 800 words of Lily/Kat today, so you can probably expect that in about another ten years.
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OMGYAY #1: I've FINISHED MY DEGREE! Got my last essay in on time, and while it wasn't great, it wasn't a complete mess. Whatevs, I've finished! \o/

OMGYAY #2: Apparently there was some sort of Skins BNF conspiracy to post fic last night, and now I have a metric fucktonne of awesomeness to read! \o/

OMGYAY #3: I bought The Demon's Lexicon! I'd heard mixed things about it but I'm quite enjoying it so far. Plus, it makes me giddy to a) read a book set in Exeter, and b) own a real published book by my second favourite fic writer ever. \o/

OMGYAY #4: It's SUMMMMER! Now I'm no longer holed up in a boiling hot computer room the sunshine is making me SO HAPPY. I think I'm going to have a random day in a seaside town soon, I just need to pick somewhere that's easily accessible by train. \o/

HOW ARE YOU, FLIST? I've been terrible at commenting on people's RL stuff but I'll be better, I promise. *hugs* to everyone who's been having a rubbish time of it lately.


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