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- *pokes last post* Anyone else want fic? I just want lots of excuses to write!

- Stuff I am inordinately excited about: SMASH HITS LADY GAGA SPECIAL, OH MY GOD. (I'm sure people who didn't grow up with Smash Hits won't understand why this is potentially so amazing, so you'll just have to trust me that it is.) If there's not a biscuit tin interview I will be v. disappointed.

- I'm getting pretty fed up with the snow already, even though a) we haven't had a huge amount where I am, and b) I got to leave work an hour early today. The fact that I've started finding snow annoying instead of fun is a sign that I'm getting old, isn't it? :(

- Random TV rec of the day: BOARDWALK EMPIRE. Is anyone watching it? If not, you should be - it's this new HBO show about Prohibition-era gangsters and it's awesome. Honestly, I only started watching it because I heard there were lesbians (I know, I know, I'm rolling my eyes at myself too) but the whole thing is brilliant, not just that storyline.

- I still haven't seen Deathly Hallows yet. FAIL.

- I've just realised how close Skins gen 3 and US!Skins are. How has time passed so quickly? It seems like fandom is way more excited about US!Skins, which is kind of hilarious considering the initial reaction. Is anyone actually looking forward to gen 3 at all, or is everyone just expecting it to be shit?
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Jesus fuck, it's cold. We had snow! Only a tiny sprinkling that didn't really settle, but still, snow! And now I'm shivering under my duvet because the house is so cold; we don't have any loft insulation (yet!) and none of the windows are double-glazed. We can't even get double glazing because our house is a listed building (it's super old, dating from something like the mid-18th century) and so we have to keep ye olde windowes forevermore. Sigh. In conclusion: COLD.

I signed up for an Archive of Our Own invite in preparation for [ profile] yuletide and I have to say, it's really shiny! I've only uploaded one fic so far but the import feature is AWESOME. Very impressed. I really ought to spend the evening working on my Yuletide fics but I'll probs be uploading all my stuff to AO3 instead.
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Ughhh, it's too hot. I know I shouldn't complain about us actually having a summer for a change, but it's TOO HOT and I'm all sweaty and gross. WHICH YOU ALL WANTED TO KNOW.

LOL forever: I was up on campus today - using up the last of my printing credits by printing out my little bang fic for one last edit - and on the way back there was a COW ON THE FOOTPATH. I mean, what? I tried to get a photo but the camera on my phone was on video setting and by the time I'd sorted it out the cow had disappeared back into the valley. But I do have a one second video, lol.

alkdhfhj I just remembered I have the latest episode of Weeds to watch! Which means that this is the end of this pointless entry.
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OMGYAY #1: I've FINISHED MY DEGREE! Got my last essay in on time, and while it wasn't great, it wasn't a complete mess. Whatevs, I've finished! \o/

OMGYAY #2: Apparently there was some sort of Skins BNF conspiracy to post fic last night, and now I have a metric fucktonne of awesomeness to read! \o/

OMGYAY #3: I bought The Demon's Lexicon! I'd heard mixed things about it but I'm quite enjoying it so far. Plus, it makes me giddy to a) read a book set in Exeter, and b) own a real published book by my second favourite fic writer ever. \o/

OMGYAY #4: It's SUMMMMER! Now I'm no longer holed up in a boiling hot computer room the sunshine is making me SO HAPPY. I think I'm going to have a random day in a seaside town soon, I just need to pick somewhere that's easily accessible by train. \o/

HOW ARE YOU, FLIST? I've been terrible at commenting on people's RL stuff but I'll be better, I promise. *hugs* to everyone who's been having a rubbish time of it lately.
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I'm fairly sure I need someone to ACTUALLY POKE ME WITH A STICK in order to make me write this final essay. UGH. I haven't even opened up Word yet, and I've been in the computer room (because supposedly this is the only place I can work, LOLZ) for about... three hours? Maybe only two; I forget. STILL. The point is, I have a 3000-word essay due at 4pm tomorrow and all I'm doing is sitting here eating Smarties and refreshing my flist. Fail.

It doesn't help that it's boiling hot and the computer room is like a sauna. Ugghhh. I'm contemplating going for a walk to cool down, but, you know, THAT'S NOT EXACTLY THE BEST WAY TO BE PRODUCTIVE.



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