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Happy Christmas, everyone! Unless you don't celebrate, in which case: Happy Doctor Who Day! I love you all, flist, and I hope you have a wonderful day. ♥ My day is going to be fairly quiet, just the immediate family (mum, dad, brother), and is basically going to involve lots of eating, lots of drinking, and lots of flailing over Doctor Who. I LOVE CHRISTMAS.

I absolutely have to rec my Yuletide fic, not out of obligation but out of SHEER LOVE: In Translation; Downton Abbey; Matthew/Mary. OH MY GOD, THIS FIC. HEARTS IN MY EYES. Anyone with even a passing interest in Downton Abbey needs to read this because it's wonderful in more ways than I can possibly say. It's beautifully written and full of all of my favourite things, oh my God. I read it like an hour ago and still can't get over it.

And I've just seen that I have a Yuletide Madness treat waiting for me to unwrap tomorrow, which makes me feel completely spoilt! IDK if my writers are reading this, but if so, THANK YOU. ♥
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Hope everyone is having/had a wonderful Christmas/Friday, depending on timezones and whether you celebrate! I've had a really awesome festive period in general. On Wednesday and Christmas Eve I saw Hazel and Sam for the first time in ages, which was really lovely; they came to see our new house and we went on an icy countryside walk, and we exchanged amazing presents and cards and generally had an awesome time. They gave me a lolrus and some lolspeak fridge poetry, which my mum has been using to make hilarious nonsensical poems that are like Gertrude Stein meets lolcats. I love it!

Today has been really low-key but nicely so, just spending the day with my parents and brother. Got some nice presents, including a starry dressing gown that makes me feel like Dumbledore, had a gorgeous Christmas dinner, watched Doctor Who and Strictly (yay Ali and Brian!!) like the entire rest of the country.

Also also, Yuletide! :D I love my fic, Five Times Janis Could Have Kissed Demetri (In a Purely Platonic Way), which is FlashForward Janis & Demetri BFFery that makes me totally happy. And apparently I have an extra Yuletide Madness gift waiting in the wings, which is extra exciting! I can't wait to read it once the server's recovered. I wrote two fics for Yuletide, and like everyone else I'm offering a SPECIAL PRIZE (fic!) to anyone who can guess which they are (betas excluded, obvs).

And now I'm going to read a bit of The 13 1/2 Lives of Captain Bluebear or possibly watch an ep of something before bed.

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My thread at the Holiday Love Meme! I'm such a sheep/comment whore. Everyone else should stick their name in too and link to their threads. :D

I've been so busy with the house move that I haven't done any Christmas shopping yet, and suddenly I find that it's the 14th! HOW! D:


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