May. 11th, 2010 08:24 pm
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Well, fuck. So Nick Clegg jumped into bed with the Tories and David Cameron is our new PM. (I realise that the deal with the Lib Dems isn't official yet, but Cameron is becoming Prime Minister AS I SPEAK TYPE.) Ugh, I am predictably less than thrilled. I think, though, that really all roads - a minority Tory government, a Lib/Lab coalition, or the Lib/Con coalition we've got - lead to the same thing: another election in a year or so, probably with a Tory majority.

At least for the time being we have some Lib Dems in government. I just hope they stick to their principles.

For the record: I know everyone's tired of Labour and no one likes Gordon Brown or whatever, but I think they've done some AWESOME things in the last thirteen years.
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Shamelessly stolen from [livejournal.com profile] andthatisthat:

So, who's voted? My candidate isn't going to win - I sadly live in a safe Tory constituency, and I voted Lib Dem - but I still think it's important to have your voice heard. If you're eligible and you haven't voted yet, do it now! There's still a little over two hours left to do so. :D

(I'm crossing my fingers that I won't wake up tomorrow to find that David Cameron is Prime Minister, but I'm not optimistic. SIGH.)
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My work's sent me on a First Aid course this week and okay, I am way too squeamish for this. There's a section in the guide we were given about EMBEDDED-FISH HOOKS D: And we were shown a (fake) video of someone being SHOT IN THE EYE WITH AN ARROW D: D: D: Ughhh, I feel all weird just thinking about some of the things that were talked about today. Luckily I work in an office so the most severe injuries are going to be like, papercuts, but still.

Also annoying: any other week I'd be able to stay up and watch the election results, because I don't usually work on Fridays, but this week I have to get up extra early on Friday for Fire Marshal training. :(

In other news, I heard that on American Idol this week Siobhan was planning on singing the Sid Vicious version of 'My Way', and now I'm even more gutted that she got voted off. Instead, this week will probably go something like this: Mike will ham it up embarrassingly, Casey will show what a weak voice he has, Aaron will sing something too big for him, Lee will be off-key but the judges will still say he had a 'moment', and only Crystal will actually be any good. At least we have Gaga on the results show to look forward to!
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Whenever I don't post on LJ for a while - and this is probably the longest I've ever gone; nearly two weeks! - I feel like I need to apologise/explain, but I don't know if people even notice this kind of thing? I've still been around, reading every day and commenting here and there, but I guess because I've been in a bit of a fannish slump I haven't felt the need to post. THANKS FOR BREAKING MY SPIRIT, SKINS. Anyway, these are some of the things I might have posted about over the past two weeks if I weren't so lazy:

- Work sent me on TWO conferences last week. One was in Manchester, and was totally boring and mostly irrelevant to my work and basically a COMPLETE WASTE OF TIME, but the second one in Nottingham wasn't so bad. Although we might have spent, uh, forty minutes driving round the centre of Nottingham looking for the damn Hilton. Fuck you, one-way roads and teeny tiny road signs and GPS that kept cutting out! But I actually learnt something at that one, so yay for that, and then afterwards I got to meet up with my half-sister and niece and go to a super pretty café for cupcakes and bumbleberry juice. IDEK is bumbleberry is an actual thing or something they made up, but it was yummy.

- How good is this series of Doctor Who? Matt Smith is delightful as the Doctor and I'm already completely in love with Amy. It's basically my favourite thing ever when the companions get to save the day. ♥

- I signed up for [livejournal.com profile] femgenficathon, and... I'm not entirely sure why? I don't write gen! I've been finding it difficult to write anything lately! IDK, maybe it will inspire me to write this silly crossover idea I've got.

- On Tuesday I went down to London to meet up with [livejournal.com profile] lazy_daze and Zel and see Rufus Wainwright, and OMG, he was fantastic. It was just him and a piano, playing the new album interrupted for the first set and a bunch of older songs for the second set, and he sounded incredible. He messed up on the piano quite a bit, but it was kind of endearing, and he played so many songs I love. I can't believe I'd never seen him play Poses before! ♥

- Unfortunately, the day after I woke up feeling slightly weird, like I had the beginnings of a hangover even though I hadn't been drinking, and on the way home I just got worse and worse. Rushing to the train toilets in order to throw up and only just making it = not big on dignity. :(

- The leader debate last night was all kinds of boring, wasn't it? Still, well done, Mr Clegg; shame you can't win. I feel like I ought to be excited about this election because it's my first ever general election, but mostly I'm just super depressed that the Tories are almost definitely going to win.

- I'm going on holiday tomorrow! We're going down to Cornwall, so I feel kind of smug that our holiday plans haven't been thwarted by the giant volcanic ash cloud of DOOM.
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Things that make me happy:

- Watching Nick Griffin get thoroughly pwned on Question Time last night.

- I was peeling potatoes for dinner last night when I suddenly remembered the existence of Taters! I still remember [livejournal.com profile] lazy_daze playing it to me for the first time and being like "yeah, okay, whatever" and then dying with laughter when the beat kicked in. XD

- These screencaps of the Kaya interview that got taken down. (Because of spoilers, apparently? I didn't think there was anything spoilery about it and I'm quite a spoilerphobe.) I keep clicking through and just dying at her expressions all over again. Gahhh, I love her so much! ♥

- I've been watching Mercy and really enjoying it! Even if I do get the Duffy song in my head every time I think about it. I wasn't that fussed about the first episode but I'm really glad I gave it a second try, because I like it a lot. Mostly because all the women are really pretty and I am very shallow, but for other reasons too!

Things that make me sad:

- My parents have sold our house and we're moving. Like, REALLY soon. And I know the plan is for me to move out of my parents' house as soon as I can anyway, but I've lived here all my life (bar university) and I'm still so, so sadfacey about having to say goodbye to this place. :(

- I haven't done any proper writing in AGES, or at least it feels like it. I have about half of my NaNo fic planned out and I've been picking at the 80s AU (which I REALLY need to finish, because I don't want it to languish until December) but I haven't been ~inspired to do some real writing for a couple of weeks now. I ought to get back into the habit before NaNo starts. Maybe I should go troll the Free-For-All post for Skins prompts I might have missed? Hmm.

- I would really love there to be a Skins holiday fic exchange, but I haven't heard any plans for one? Not that I need any more writing commitments, but I think it would be fun. I don't think I really have the time to run one myself, but if someone else wanted to I'd definitely sign up. HINT, HINT.


Jun. 8th, 2009 12:09 am
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How has UK politics come to this? I'm so fucking disgusted.
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I hope Kat and Meg Prescott are celebrating their 18th birthday by VOTING for the first time, WHICH IS WHAT EVERYBODY SHOULD BE DOING TODAY. Because in some places (not down here in the South West, luckily) the BNP only need 9% of the vote to get in. NINE PERCENT. Terrifying. And they're right at the top of the huge long ballot!

So, yeah, please go and vote, people. It's important. And fun! I like feeling like a useful member of society for a change.


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