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So, on Wednesday I graduated! I now officially have a BA (Hons) in English with Study in North America, but I've yet to put it to good use and find a job. (And now I'm back living with my parents, KILL ME NOW.) The graduation ceremony was awesome, because FLOELLA BENJAMIN. I just wish I'd been as brave as some people and asked for a hug.

Random gripe: my degree certificate doesn't have my middle name on it. I like my middle name! I like having the same first two initials as Exeter's most famous graduate! So I'm stupidly disappointed about that little detail. :(

Anyway, life: I had been feeling like I was totally done with university, but now I'm thinking about working at some pointless job for a year and then doing an MA in creative writing. IDK. I just don't want to end up doing some job I'm not that interested in and having it become my career, you know?

... I feel like if I want to be serious about becoming a published writer I should write something that, um, isn't fanfiction, and yet that's all I want to write. I'm working on an 80s AU that I think has a lot of potential to be good. But it's probably going to be longer than my little bang fic, just because more characters have significant parts (so far I have Katie, Effy, Naomi, Cook, Freddie, and maybe JJ; SPOT THE GLARING OMISSION), and that means it's going to take me aaages to write it. Sigh. I need something that's like a pensieve, except instead of turning thoughts into swirly white stuff it turns them into words.
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You know, of all the days to start coming down with a cold, the day before graduation/moving out would not have been my first choice. Ugh. Especially seeing as I had to spend the morning walking around town in the rain trying to find something vaguely presentable to wear tomorrow (which I did eventually manage to do). And now I have to pack and clean and stuff and still try and get an early night.

(It doesn't help that I got no sleep last night, although at least lying awake for hours gave me loads of time to plan out my new fic, which I'm really excited about.)

However! I'm excited about graduation; not because I'm super looking forward to, like, starting my life as a Responsible Adult, but because Exeter University's Chancellor, who will be giving me my degree, is FLOELLA BENJAMIN. Awesome. You all wish you had a Chancellor as cool as mine.

Fuck, and now it's nearly half seven and I still have so much to do. NO TIME! THERE'S NEVER ANY TIME!!1, etc.


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