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The problem with taking the National Express anywhere is that I ALWAYS get this song stuck in my head for days afterwards.

My weekend was AWESOME; my brother and I got the coach down to London and we stayed with Zel and Sam ([ profile] lazy_daze), who we hardly ever get to see anymore. We spent the weekend doing stuff like ~decadently sitting around in pubs in the middle of the afternoon, and walking along the South Bank in the sunshine (I now want to rewrite my little bang fic to add in lots of cool little details, like the awesome steampunk-y ship sculpture we saw), and being philistines in Tate Modern (the only thing we really loved was the giant table and chairs). We also drank the most expensive pitcher of Pimm's ever (£17.80!!) but it was delicious and totally worth it. The only bad thing about the weekend (except the tube failing massively) was that Zel had to work so we didn't get to see her as much. :(

The other cool thing we did was to FINALLY see HBP, at the IMAX. I think since PoA we've seen all the Harry Potter films together for the first time - I vividly remember when Sam and I queued up outside the Odeon to see PoA at 9am, and we were the second people there - so it was nice to carry on that tradition. I really loved the film, and seeing it at the IMAX was AWESOME - the first part of it was in 3D and it looked amazing.

Then we went back home (sadface) and today we had a family get-together for my niece's thirteenth birthday. And, wow, that sentence makes me feel ANCIENT. As does the fact that she's 5'10 and looks about seventeen.

I'm so unused to being so ~busy (lol) that it's quite nice to finally have an evening to flop. I have fic to catch up on and True Blood to watch, yay! :D
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I just spent SIXTY POUNDS on train tickets home for next weekend. SIXTY POUNDS. And it's entirely my fault for booking so late that all the cheaper tickets had gone. Fail, self. See, this is why I never usually go home to visit my parents during term-time, but I have to go next weekend because it's my mum's degree show (she's in her final year of a part-time Fine Art degree) and I really want to see it. (Incidentally, my brother is also graduating this year - he's been doing a four-year course - plus I am, obviously. We're all going to be so fucking sick of graduation ceremonies by the end of the summer.)

In completely unrelated news, I got my special shiny Bandstock-holder-only copy of The Bachelor yesterday. Even though I still think the cover is unbelievably fug, all the packaging makes me kind of unreasonably gleeful, and it's signed! (#16! So I can only assume they've done in alphabetically by surname, because no way was I the sixteenth person to buy it.) It took me ages to find my name in the list of Bandstock investors - although I spotted [ profile] michaelbush almost straight away - but I'm about two-thirds of the way down the second page. And apparently the album might actually chart? Awesome.


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