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- Unpopular fandom opinion time: I really hate the Diva photos. All of them. I don't understand any of the creative decisions that went into that photoshoot. :/

- Seeing that big bang season has started up in other fandoms has made me really wish that Skins had a big enough fandom to pull off a big bang. I mean, I know there are multi-fandom big bangs that people can write Skins fic for, but it's not the same as having a fandom-centric one. Can you imagine how awesome it would be?

- (Speaking of big bangs, I think I might drop out of [ profile] apocabigbang. I'm not really married to any of my ideas, I don't think I can actually write ~plot, and there'll soon be shiny new canon to distract me.)

- I'm writing Katie/Naomi at the moment, and it's made me realise just how many different Skins pairings I've written. Including the ones I just touched on in [ profile] 2ndyearstories, I've written: Naomi/Emily, Katie/Effy, Naomi/Effy, Katie/Emily, Katie/Naomi, Katie/JJ, Effy/Emily, Cook/Effy, Freddie/Effy (just to break them up, lol), Thomas/Pandora, Cook/Pandora. That's a lot of pairings! Clearly I need to try boyslash next. Pairing suggestions? (LOL, like anyone cares about boyslash in this fandom.)
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My life = MADE.

So, just like everyone else in the whole of fandom, I've been going into paroxysms of joy over the fact that Meg is on Twitter. I have a Twitter (@herdofbots) that I never use, except to stalk the Skins cast, but I keep getting the urge to tweet things @meg_prescott, all of them completely stupid. Like, I want to send her a link to the adorable nomming baby hippo and see if she just spazzes the fuck out.

... Oh shit, the person that posted that on Cute Overload? HER NAME IS MEG. I'm pretty sure the Pope isn't moonlighting as a blogger, but LOL FOREVER.

In other news, I didn't realise what a multishipper I was until I was planning out my Skins fic for NaNoWriMo earlier today and realised that I was including:

4 pairings I actively ship and want to end happily ever after
1 pairing I used to hate but am warming towards
1 pairing I like but am only really including out of obligation
3 pairings I hate (2 canon, 1 not), and
1 pairing just for the lulz.

Solution to this ridiculous, many-sided love polygon: orgy??
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I'm not sure how to talk about this month's obligatory Skins fandom wank (SIGH) without it turning into "I wish I could bake a cake filled with rainbows and smiles and everyone would eat and be happy" but... I just really think it's a shame that this is happening again. And I hate that a couple of anonymous crazies over on [ profile] fandomsecrets are making the whole of Skins fandom look batshit insane, when it's really not.

I've lurked and dabbled in many fandoms, but this is the first time I've been really actively involved in one, and I love it so much. I love the awesome people here, and the ton of amazing fic; I love the squeeing and the thoughtful discussion and the crack. I mean, I've had a grand total of one argument in this fandom, against my better judgement, but even though it was horrible and upsetting at the time, we made amends really quickly. The wank isn't representative of this fandom, and I wish more people could see that the awesomeness really outweighs the unpleasantness.

All these rabid Naomily shippers keep being mentioned, usually as the cause of all these problems, and... I'm not sure where/who these people are? (Please, I'm NOT asking for names.) I haven't encountered anyone like that; everyone I know realises that having different shipping preferences should NOT be a big deal. Mostly I just love that we have a femslash-focused fandom with FOUR amazing female characters (sorry, Panda) with so much slashy potential between them, and so much fic exploring all the different dynamics - that's SO rare, and it's something I really cherish. ♥ (Sorry, this did end up turning into a cake filled with rainbows after all.)

IDK what I'm trying to say with all this. Basically, I think this fandom is so great, and I just wish the tiny minority of people who cause wank would grow the hell up. This particular incident may have been focused on one person, but it damages fandom as a whole. :(
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I have fic that I want to post tonight or tomorrow but NO TITLE AUGH. D: I'm so jealous of people who can easily come up with awesome titles; it takes me forever and then I end up hating them.

In other news, I've realised that since joining Skins fandom there are a bunch of new people on my flist but I hardly know anyone's names, and I'd quite like to remedy that. Hence, this poll! Obvs no obligation to fill it out, but I'm curious. :D (Hi, I'm Julia, btw.)

[Poll #1464489]

OMG, when is E4 going to post some more interviews? I'm going into serious withdrawal here.
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More people should go and play in the Fall Fandom Free-For-All! You make a bunch of requests for fic/art/vids, you fill other people's, it's all a lot of fun. I'm already writing something COMPLETELY RIDICULOUS for it, and once that's done I'll try and tackle some other requests. :D

Um, I have nothing else to say. Except that I've really enjoyed the first two eps of Supernatural season five so far! It's nice that the writers seem to have remembered that Sam is an actual character and one of the leads of the show. And 502 spoiler ) YAY! Still bored by the angel stuff, but whatevs.
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Oh man, I can't believe the Prescotts on BBLB still hasn't surfaced online yet! I mean, I found a torrent, but it was taking a million years and I was getting annoyed so I deleted it. (I couldn't watch because I was on a train home at the time. I actually got back in time for one of the repeats but my dad was in the room at the time and I didn't want to be like "AKJDFH I HAVE TO WATCH THESE RIDICULOUS GIRLS ON AN EVEN MORE RIDICULOUS BIG BROTHER PROGRAMME; MY LIFE DEPENDS ON IT", even though THAT WAS WHAT I WAS THINKING, so I missed it.)

The train journey home was actually really annoying. You know how there's an unspoken rule that on public transport, you don't sit next to someone else unless there are no other seats available? Yeah, the guy who decided to sit next to me despite the OCEANS OF ROOM ALL AROUND US apparently didn't get the memo. And then he got all up in my personal space (I had to uncomfortably wedge my arm just so there was something between his elbow and my chest, FUN TIMES) and fell asleep so he was completely oblivious, ugggh.

I distracted myself by listening to 'Separated By Motorways' by The Long Blondes on repeat; I have a Katie/Effy AU ~inspired by the song that's been brewing for a few days, but I'll probably never write it. Whatevs, it's awesome in my head.

... I think there was more I was going to say but I'm really sleepy and have to get up early tomorrow for Mum's graduation, so I guess that's it for now? (I actually can't remember the last time I went to bed before midnight. It's so bizarre!)
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- I keep getting the urge to go and see this, which is stupid because, um, I don't know anything about/like opera. But it's Rufus, so I kind of want to see it anyway. Actually, I'm also selfishly pleased that his opera is finally done because now it means he can hurry up and write another album. :D I mean, it's been TWO YEARS since Release The Stars and I'm starving for more Rufus music; I think the last new song of his that I heard was Albatross a couple of months ago. (And, OMG, everyone should download that song right the fuck now; it's amazing.)

- You know when you read fic that's so amazing it just makes you want to throw your hands up and go, "WHY BOTHER?" Yeah. Stop being so talented, Skins fandom, you're making me hate myself!

- Randomly, the other day I decided that the BEST THING EVER would be Meg Prescott on Never Mind the Buzzcocks, but then I found out that Simon Amstell quit as the host. (What? The times, I am behind them.) And now I'm unreasonably sad that this is never going to happen, even though it WASN'T GOING TO IN THE FIRST PLACE, because OMG, it would have been comedy GOLD.
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Technically the Love Ball will be over by now, which means that Naomi and Emily are probably back at Naomi's house having sex RIGHT NOW. :D :D :D This makes me stupidly happy. YES, I'M LAME, I DON'T CARE OKAY.

*happysigh* I just rewatched 'Katie & Emily' for the millionth time (seriously, I've lost count) and God, I still love them like fierce. It's making me crave fic, but somehow all the epic long fic in this fandom manages not to be Naomi/Emily? How did that even happen??

In other news, I GET MY FREAKING RESULTS TOMORROW. D: I thought it was Friday, but I JUST found out that no, it's tomorrow, so I've been a bit blindsided by panic. I'm fairly certain I've got a 2.1 but I'm still going to be disappointed by it, because I really want a First. SIGH.
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OMGYAY #1: I've FINISHED MY DEGREE! Got my last essay in on time, and while it wasn't great, it wasn't a complete mess. Whatevs, I've finished! \o/

OMGYAY #2: Apparently there was some sort of Skins BNF conspiracy to post fic last night, and now I have a metric fucktonne of awesomeness to read! \o/

OMGYAY #3: I bought The Demon's Lexicon! I'd heard mixed things about it but I'm quite enjoying it so far. Plus, it makes me giddy to a) read a book set in Exeter, and b) own a real published book by my second favourite fic writer ever. \o/

OMGYAY #4: It's SUMMMMER! Now I'm no longer holed up in a boiling hot computer room the sunshine is making me SO HAPPY. I think I'm going to have a random day in a seaside town soon, I just need to pick somewhere that's easily accessible by train. \o/

HOW ARE YOU, FLIST? I've been terrible at commenting on people's RL stuff but I'll be better, I promise. *hugs* to everyone who's been having a rubbish time of it lately.

Ugh, LIFE.

May. 28th, 2009 09:23 pm
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- Oh God, I have never talked such epic pretentious bollocks as in my dissertation. (The essay part, that is. The creative part is just lame.) I'M GOING TO FAIL SO HARD, GUYS. IT'S DUE IN TOMORROW AND IT'S EATING ME ALIVE.

- When it comes to the 'works consulted but not cited' list, I'm basically Wikipedia-ing post-apocalyptic fiction and pretending I've read it all. I mean, it's that or admit that my interest in it mostly stems from fic. (OMG, Last Outpost Of All That Is! ♥)

- I love how every time in the last couple of days that I've taken a break from spazzing over my dissertation by reading my flist, fandom has come up with some insane crack to make me feel better. KANGAROOS, WUT.

- Randomly, Neil Gaiman's blog is turning me into a Neil Gaimain/Amanda Palmer tinhat. I'm not even sure why I care! I'm only vaguely a fan of both of them.

- I can't believe I still have ANOTHER essay to write, due on Tuesday. SO GLAD I DIDN'T APPLY FOR AN MA, I CAN'T WAIT FOR THIS TO END.

- I really want a Skins moodtheme, but, you know. NOW IS NOT THE TIME TO GO SEARCHING FOR ONE.
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- I had an Important Plot Breakthrough for my dissertation today, which was pretty awesome. I still have a fuckload to do, but at least right now I've started to get excited about it again. It's a bit weird writing it though, because it's a novel-length idea and I'm just writing the first chapter, so I don't get to write any of the fun resolution part, I just have to... IDK, hopefully introduce some interesting characters and conflicts or whatever. I find it really weird being judged on the beginning of a story and not the whole thing.

- I'm trying to avoid fandom a bit at the moment because I only have room for one set of characters in my head at the moment, but it's SO DIFFICULT. I've read a bit of meta lately that's been complaining about the suckitude of femslash fandom and I can't relate at ALL, because Skins fandom is so shiny and awesome and makes me roll around in GLEE. Srsly, I can't believe how lucky I am to find a fandom this perfect for me.

- Judging by the dream I had last night, my subconscious apparently ships Fry/Laurie? LOLZ. (I'm so glad it was strictly G-rated.)

- Don't know if anyone cares, but I got a dreamwidth. I don't plan on doing anything with it at all unless LJ completely implodes, but it's there if you want to friend it?

- Eurovision tomorrow! My plans include getting drunk and watching it.


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