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- Today at work my boss spoke to me and told me that a) I'm doing an awesome job, b) my contract which expires in a couple of weeks is going to be renewed at least through to March, and c) she's trying to get more funding so she can pay me more. I THINK THIS COUNTS AS A GOOD DAY. \o/

- Although I did stupidly leave my umbrella on this bus this evening. My nice one. Not impressed, self.

- Stolen from [ profile] ems: Some Justin Bieber song slowed down by 800%. ACTUALLY AMAZING. No, really, I've been listening to it for the past twenty-five minutes.

- I'm making good progress on my [ profile] femslash10 fic, finally! Not entirely convinced it isn't shit, but I'm kind of having fun with it at least.

- Is anyone else watching Covert Affairs? I marathoned the first five episodes (can you marathon only five episodes?) and I'm enjoying it even though objectively it's not that good. Mostly I just like it as a stopgap while I wait for my other shows to start up again - so, the lulzy spy capers will do until Chuck comes back, and the sisterly relationship will do until Fringe comes back, etc.

- Speaking of awful television, I'm kind of stupidly looking forward to The X Factor starting up again next Saturday. IDK WHY, because usually I don't like any of the contestants and the judges annoy me and the song choices are dreadful, but still I always get really into it. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME.
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- I had a dream last night where I made out with Jessica from True Blood. It was kind of awkward and not nearly as awesome as it should have been. THANKS, SUBCONSCIOUS. :/

- Remind me why I sign up for fic exchanges? I'm already starting to freak out about my [ profile] femslash10 story. The deadline's still a month away, but all I have is half an outline for a story that feels like it's going to be long.

- I think it's nice that Joe McElderry came out (for those that don't know, he won the last series of The X Factor), but I can't believe how overblown the whole thing was. Most gay male popstars have one ridiculously splashy "I'M GAY" tabloid headline, but Joe had TWO. Have we not moved on from that sort of thing now? It all feels very 1999.

- Zac Efron is ridiculously pretty. I have such a weird platonic crush on him (also on Matt Bomer, oh my God. How is he even real?). You know how straight girls have girlcrushes? Yeah, it's like that.

- The other day I came up with an idea for an original story that I feel just may be my Big Idea That Actually Goes Somewhere. (Of course, I usually think that about my original ideas, and they never are.) It's like a dystopian/sci-fi YA thing and I feel like it actually has a lot of potential, but I actually have no clue how to go about writing a novel outside of the constraints of NaNoWriMo. I don't know if I can stick with a project for that long, especially now I have less time to write.

- I hear the new Sherlock series is good. Is it? I'm not really in a rush to watch yet another story about two straight white dudes, but I might give catch up with it online if I can be bothered.

- Apparently the lesbian that's replacing the Maxxie character in the US Skins is going to have much more to do than Maxxie ever did? I'm pretty sure that, what with this and the lesbian/bi character in Gen 3, BE and JB are cynically cashing in on Naomi and Emily's popularity and are now just throwing lesbians at everything because they know there's an automatic fanbase there. AND IT'S TOTALLY WORKING. Hands up who's more inclined to watch something with lesbians in? (I know I am. I watch Pretty Little Liars, for fuck's sake.)


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