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- So, Happy New Year, I guess! I think my fannish New Year resolution is to WRITE MOAR, although we'll see how it goes. There are a few things I have vague ideas for, but I'm so bad at actually getting round to writing them.

- About a million years after everyone else, I saw Harry Potter! (Actually the cinema was really surprisingly full, so I guess lots of other people hadn't got round to seeing it yet.) Needless to say, it was awesome; I'd forgotten just how much I love these characters, and I spent a large part of it just squeeing over the trio. ALSO, totally shipping Harry/Hermione, which came as a surprise. (DANCING, OMG. ♥) And then at the end I totally shipped Bellatrix/Hermione, just for how wrong it was.

- I'm more excited than I should be about Pretty Little Liars starting up again tomorrow, although I can't really remember what happened in the last episode. I think I need to rewatch, although all my TV watching time at the moment is taken up with rewatching Downton Abbey. I LOVE THAT SHOW SO MUCH. I actually think I might write fic for it, because Sybil/Gwen needs to happen.

- There's a bunch of Yuletide fic that I still need to read, but for some reason I always find myself less likely to read Yuletide stuff post-reveal. Am I just weird, or are other people like this too? It's like between Christmas and New Year there's all this mad Yuletide excitement and it just evaporates on New Year's Day.

- I can't believe Gaga's new album isn't going to be out until fucking MAY. How am I supposed to survive?! D:
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I just got back from seeing Inception, and omg, it was awesome! Definitely recommended. I don't go to the cinema as often as I like but I'm really glad I did for this, because it was brilliant. Okay, there were some parts that were either a bit confusing or plot holes, but it didn't really matter. Plus, you know, I love Ellen Page (even if she does seem to play Ellen Page in every role) and I was glad she had lots to do.

Um, what else! I've been a bit quiet lately, mostly because nothing interesting is happening in my life. Work is okay, apart from the parts where I feel like my entire job description has changed and I'm going to end up doing stuff I didn't sign up for. Also, I'm super jealous of my brother - he just started a new job a couple of weeks ago, and now his control freak bosses are going on holiday for four weeks and closing the office, so he gets to work from home for a month! And his job basically just involves being paid to go on Facebook all day! IDEK.

Oh, and I just finished reading The Hunger Games, which I devoured (lol pun) in about three days. That's quick for me, seeing as I don't read books as much as I feel I ought to; I usually end up getting distracted by the stupid internet instead. I finished it last night and am going to rush out and buy the sequel tomorrow, which should tell you how much I enjoyed it.

This post is pretty much just turning into 'Here's what I've been enjoying in pop culture lately', isn't it? The other main thing I've been obsessing over is Fringe. I started watching it when the first season aired, but I gave up after a few episodes; I'm not sure what made me pick it up again, but it turns out I stopped watching right before it got awesome. Anyway, should any of you wish to know what to get me for my birthday next month, I'd like Olivia Dunham, please. Unf, she is so hot, and SO GAY. Like, on a scale of one to Prentiss, she's off the charts. I spent the other night rewatching the parts of Mistresses that involve Anna Torv being gay and have come to the conclusion that she basically needs to spend her entire life kissing girls purely for my entertainment. Because, you know, everything revolves around me.

How are you, flist? What books/TV shows/films have you been enjoying lately?
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Hey, flist! Does anyone have any film recommendations? Because while I watch a LOT of TV I hardly watch any films at all, and now that I've run out of TV shows to marathon I thought I'd start watching films instead. :D I'm open to pretty much all genres except horror, and I especially like films that pass the Bechdel test.

Seriously, when I say I hardly watch any films at all I mean that you could recommend me something really mainstream that everyone and their mother has seen, and I probably won't have seen it. So, yeah, any suggestions at all would be appreciated!
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Apparently the Skins film has been confirmed, and it's mostly about Gen 2 with appearances from Gens 1 and 3? Honestly, I have mixed feelings about the whole thing. On the one hand, HAVEN'T WE SUFFERED ENOUGH? I feel like I've been through twelve rounds with this show and now they're asking me to go through ANOTHER. It's exhausting, you know? Skins really is an abusive boyfriend of a show.

But on the other hand, I'm not ready to give up this cast yet and it's possible that they'll be able to salvage these characters' storylines. It's going to be difficult, because they have a whole bunch of loose ends from series four to wrap up and I assume they'll want to tell a whole new story as well, but it's possible that it could be good. At the very least, the main problem that plagued series four - the insularity of the episodes - won't happen with the film.

IDK; obviously it's too early to judge, and I'm approaching the whole thing with extreme caution. But the most important thing? With new gen 2 canon on the way, that means the fandom is much less likely to die out. And that, at least, makes me incredibly happy. ♥
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Wow, it's been ages since I've posted anything that wasn't a Skins episode reaction. RL has been generally busy, even more so this week because I got a new job! I interviewed on Monday and started on Tuesday. It's the sort of job that isn't remotely impressive with regards to my job title or even how much I'm getting paid, but the organisation I'm working for is really great and I'm super happy to be there. So far I've just been doing boring induction stuff but on Thursday they sent me to a conference; I knew embarrassingly little, but I did befriend a lulzy old pagan lady there so it wasn't a complete waste of time. :D

And then the other reason why I haven't been posting much lately is that it's difficult to be excited about fandom when I feel like series four is, as I said in a comment the other day, the systematic destruction of everything I loved about series three. At this stage I kind of... can't wait for series four to be over and done with so I can forget it ever happened. It's had its good moments - Katie's episode was amazing - but there's been an unbelievable amount of fail. I feel like the writers have completely forgotten the concept of series-long character arcs? Last series there were a bunch of arcs that were well developed: Naomi/Emily, the triangle of doom (which sucked, yes, but at least made sense and was a consistent thread through the series), the three musketeers, the twins. And then there was the occasional fail like Panda/Thomas, but this series ALL the arcs are as badly developed as Panda/Thomas last year.

Gahhh, I hate so much about the things that Jamie Brittain chooses to write.

In other news! I saw Alice in Wonderland, which I really enjoyed. OMG, stories about 19th century girls being all independent and kickass and defying society's expectations are basically my FAVOURITE THING EVER. Add in SWORDFIGHTING, and my life is made.
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- Oh man, my sleep cycle is so monumentally fucked. I was up at 4:30am this morning (having gone to bed at, um, 4am, for no reason whatsoever) scribbling down a few sentences of my [ profile] femslash09 fic. I've also been putting together a mix for it and it's turning out super angsty, which was not the plan at all. :/

- I'm going home for a couple of days tomorrow and I've made the drastic decision to NOT TAKE MY LAPTOP WITH ME. :O Which means that hopefully I can get some writing done; there's a section of my littlebang fic that desperately needs rewriting and I want to get it finished as soon as possible. (OMG JEN SORRY SORRY YOU'LL GET IT SOON *TEARS OUR HAIR*)

- On [ profile] sivim27's recommendation I've been watching Popular and it's basically THE GREATEST THING EVER. Like, it's cracky and insane and hella slashy, and I love all those things about it, but I also just really like that it's a show with a mostly female cast because that's depressingly rare these days. And it doesn't revolve around stupid romantic relationships! Amazing.

- I have approximately zero interest in crappy indie thrillers, but I'm going to have to see this one purely for Strahotski. UNF. I didn't realise it was possible for someone to still be so hot whilst being, like, eaten by wolves or whatever.


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