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My thread at the Holiday Love Meme! I'm such a sheep/comment whore. Everyone else should stick their name in too and link to their threads. :D

I've been so busy with the house move that I haven't done any Christmas shopping yet, and suddenly I find that it's the 14th! HOW! D:
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Ugh, busy busy busy. I'm moving house on Friday and packing is basically the most stressful thing ever. I have so much pointless shit! But aside from being all stressed I'm mostly kind of sadfacey about the move, because I grew up here and I can't quite imagine never being able to go back.

As if that wasn't bad enough, it means I'm going to be internetless for about a WEEK. D: Hopefully fandom won't implode while I'm gone.

Oh, thanks for the snowflake cookies, btw! Kind of annoyed that apparently you can't send them any more - I guess that maybe LJ made them free by mistake? Judging by LJ's past record I'd say they're more likely to fuck up than do something selfless and nice. ;)

Random poll, because I'm curious:

[Poll #1496393]

I love Katie/Emily SO MUCH (probs my third favourite pairing, after Naomi/Emily and Katie/Effy) and there's a crazy amount of subtext, but they're criminally underwritten in fic. IDK if that's because people just don't ship it or they're squicked by it or they feel like they ought to be squicked by it lest Pope Meg smite them, but I'm really interested in people's thoughts. :D
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I have fic that I want to post tonight or tomorrow but NO TITLE AUGH. D: I'm so jealous of people who can easily come up with awesome titles; it takes me forever and then I end up hating them.

In other news, I've realised that since joining Skins fandom there are a bunch of new people on my flist but I hardly know anyone's names, and I'd quite like to remedy that. Hence, this poll! Obvs no obligation to fill it out, but I'm curious. :D (Hi, I'm Julia, btw.)

[Poll #1464489]

OMG, when is E4 going to post some more interviews? I'm going into serious withdrawal here.
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Does anyone know the best (free) software to make screencaps from DVDs? I've been using VLC, but what I'd really like is something that'll let me skip frame-by-frame (or, um, if there's a way to do that in VLC, I'd like to know that). Anyone? Bueller? Now I have the Skins DVDs I don't want to go back to capping the crappy .avi files.


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