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SO SOON OMG. Now that episode descriptions are flying around and the screening of the first ep is in five days, I just want to say: PLEASE DON'T SPOIL ME. I've heard some things, but I don't want to know anything else from now on and will not be impressed if anyone spoils me. In other words, CUT YOUR SPOILERS OR I'LL CUT YOU. ;)

The [ profile] help_haiti auction ended today and it looks like fandom has raised a LOT of money, which is awesome. \o/ [ profile] jules2112 won my fic offer, so I'll be writing her Katie/Effy. Yay! :D
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My BFF [ profile] lazy_daze, who's in Supernatural fandom, has always said that hiatus was her favourite time to be in fandom because getting new canon every week is kind of stressful. I never really understood that before - hiatus is self-evidently long and agonising! - but now that we're eleven days away from getting series four, I TOTALLY GET IT.

I have a bunch of fic ideas in my head for stories set post-series three, and now I feel like if I can't write them in the next eleven days I'll never be able to write them at all, what with imminent jossing from new canon. There's this one Katie/Emily/Naomi fic that's been floating around my head for months (a long sequel to this ficlet), but now it's never going to happen unless I go AU, and I'm not really a fan of AUs that just disregard bits of canon. :( But I am going to try and get a Katie/Effy fic done before the next series starts; I've written post-series three K/E a couple of times now but I don't think I've ever quite got it right, so I'm going to try and change that. You know, before it's too late. ;)

BTW, shameless pimping: I'm still offering to write Skins fic for [ profile] help_haiti here, if you want to bid. There's also a list of other people offering Skins stuff here. :D

*I feel like I use this reference a lot. Just as well it NEVER GETS OLD.

[ profile] help_haiti

Jan. 14th, 2010 02:29 pm
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I'm guessing most people have heard of [ profile] help_haiti by now; it's a comm where fandomers are auctioning off fic/art/vids/etc to raise money for the rescue and recovery of Haiti following the earthquake. I'm offering up one Skins fic of at least 1500 words; you can bid on me here should you wish, or you can browse through and find someone else you'd rather get fic from! ;) OR you could offer up your services yourself. :D

(I think it's really awesome that fandom rallies round to help like this in times of need, like they did with the tsunami and on loads of other occasions. I'm not really in a position where I can help financially right now, so I'm just happy I can contribute in this way. Um, assuming anyone would want to bid on me, that is.)


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