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So, the new Gaga album. FUCKING AMAZING, RIGHT? I wasn't really expecting it to be all that after Born This Way and Judas, but fuck me, it's so good (and the singles sound a lot better in the context of the album, I think). Initial favourites are Bloody Mary, Electric Chapel, Government Hooker and Scheiße, but I love the whole thing. I want to say something more substantial, because I've been playing and thinking about the album all day, but I'm not sure I can properly explain everything that I love about it. Anyway, the point is: she really fucking delivered, and I couldn't be happier.

In other news, I feel vaguely obliged to talk about the latest episode of Glee, even though I forgot last week and didn't much like this episode.

2x21 Funeral )
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It took me approximately two and half listens to go from "huh, this isn't bad" to "FUCK ME, THIS IS AMAZING". I've been kind of disappointed with this ~era so far but for the first time in ages I'm super excited about the album. NOW IT JUST NEEDS TO LEAK, DAMMIT.
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Um, can someone tell me what I think about the new Lady Gaga video?? IDEK. Just... what.

Okay, so, I loved her in the skull makeup! But we've already seen skullface dude in that Mugler thing with the Scheiße remix, so even though it was favourite bit it didn't have the impact that it could've done. But mostly I wasn't hugely enamoured of the visuals. WHY IS IT SO DARK. And really I think the Mother Monster nonsense has gone on long enough.

Also LOL @ her saying it was going to be a "short form" video. IT'S SEVEN BLOODY MINUTES LONG.

There's going to be a second video, isn't there? Let's hope it's better.
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SO, BORN THIS WAY. It's all kind of cheesy and embarrassing and the spoken intro makes me want to stab myself in the face, BUT I STILL KIND OF LOVE IT? It's no Bad Romance, that's for sure, and I'll be disappointed if there aren't better songs on the album, but IDK, it's kind of irresistable. What does everyone else think?

In other news, earlier today I had an interview for the job I'm already doing. And it went pretty well! I usually suck at interviews, but I had some pretty positive feedback and I'm feeling good about it. I'm not sure if I'll get to keep my job or not but at least if I don't get it it won't be because I fucked up the interview.
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- I had a dream last night that I was hanging out with Lady Gaga (in a toilet stall, wtf). I was totally embarrassing myself by going on about how I can't wait for Born This Way to premiere on Friday, but that is ACTUALLY A LIE - I hate the awful, clunky, kind of racist lyrics and am worried that the song is going to suck. (I am still kind of excited though. But also nervous. And also overthinking this a ridiculous amount, wtf self.) /cool story bro

- Work is completely ridiculous at the moment. We're having a ~government minister~ (not one you'll have heard of) visit next week, so we have to prepare all this stuff and fawn over her and everything even though HER FUCKING GOVERNMENT IS GOING TO LEAVE A QUARTER OF US UNEMPLOYED BY THE END OF THE MONTH.

- I spent most of the weekend rewatching Pretty Little Liars. OH MY GOD, I LOVE THIS RIDICULOUS SHOW. It's probably my favourite thing on air at the moment, ngl. After the last episode I've really started shipping Spencer/Emily, because Emily needs an awesome girlfriend and no one is more awesome than Spencer. "I WILL DESTROY HER." ♥ Is there any fic? I feel like this show ought to have a sizeable femslash fandom but I haven't really seen anything. (Uh, not that I've really looked.)

- Um, that's it. How are you, flist?
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- So, Happy New Year, I guess! I think my fannish New Year resolution is to WRITE MOAR, although we'll see how it goes. There are a few things I have vague ideas for, but I'm so bad at actually getting round to writing them.

- About a million years after everyone else, I saw Harry Potter! (Actually the cinema was really surprisingly full, so I guess lots of other people hadn't got round to seeing it yet.) Needless to say, it was awesome; I'd forgotten just how much I love these characters, and I spent a large part of it just squeeing over the trio. ALSO, totally shipping Harry/Hermione, which came as a surprise. (DANCING, OMG. ♥) And then at the end I totally shipped Bellatrix/Hermione, just for how wrong it was.

- I'm more excited than I should be about Pretty Little Liars starting up again tomorrow, although I can't really remember what happened in the last episode. I think I need to rewatch, although all my TV watching time at the moment is taken up with rewatching Downton Abbey. I LOVE THAT SHOW SO MUCH. I actually think I might write fic for it, because Sybil/Gwen needs to happen.

- There's a bunch of Yuletide fic that I still need to read, but for some reason I always find myself less likely to read Yuletide stuff post-reveal. Am I just weird, or are other people like this too? It's like between Christmas and New Year there's all this mad Yuletide excitement and it just evaporates on New Year's Day.

- I can't believe Gaga's new album isn't going to be out until fucking MAY. How am I supposed to survive?! D:
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- *pokes last post* Anyone else want fic? I just want lots of excuses to write!

- Stuff I am inordinately excited about: SMASH HITS LADY GAGA SPECIAL, OH MY GOD. (I'm sure people who didn't grow up with Smash Hits won't understand why this is potentially so amazing, so you'll just have to trust me that it is.) If there's not a biscuit tin interview I will be v. disappointed.

- I'm getting pretty fed up with the snow already, even though a) we haven't had a huge amount where I am, and b) I got to leave work an hour early today. The fact that I've started finding snow annoying instead of fun is a sign that I'm getting old, isn't it? :(

- Random TV rec of the day: BOARDWALK EMPIRE. Is anyone watching it? If not, you should be - it's this new HBO show about Prohibition-era gangsters and it's awesome. Honestly, I only started watching it because I heard there were lesbians (I know, I know, I'm rolling my eyes at myself too) but the whole thing is brilliant, not just that storyline.

- I still haven't seen Deathly Hallows yet. FAIL.

- I've just realised how close Skins gen 3 and US!Skins are. How has time passed so quickly? It seems like fandom is way more excited about US!Skins, which is kind of hilarious considering the initial reaction. Is anyone actually looking forward to gen 3 at all, or is everyone just expecting it to be shit?
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Ahhhhhhhhhh Yuletide nominations are open! *runs around like a headless chicken*

I think I'm nominating TWO separate Gaga-related fandoms, ahahahaha. POSSIBLY I AM RIDICULOUS. The Telephone video for one, and then I'm trying to figure out how to list the fandom if I want to request Lady Gaga/Jo Calderone fic. Ya rly. Please tell me I'm not the only one who ships it!

(Also, I'm so glad they've tweaked the fandom eligibility criteria so it means that new-but-massive fandoms like Inception won't sneak in.)

So, who's doing Yuletide this year? What fandoms are you nominating? Are you as excited as I am?? :D
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God, I need to stop reading [ profile] ohnotheydidnt. If I see one more comment about Gaga only campaigning for the repeal of DADT for ~publicity~ I'm going to find a way to PUNCH PEOPLE THROUGH THE INTERNET.

Loved her speech; love her. I'm such a fucking stan it's ridiculous but I don't even care.

OMG, how is it so late? *goes to bed*
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Craaaazy day at work today. I started an hour earlier and finished two hours later than usual, so I'm knackered. But we were launching this new service today, the culmination of six months' hard work, and it was really satisfying that it went so well. BUT NOW I NEED TO SLEEP FOR ABOUT A YEAR.

Also, hilariously, the ~grand opening~ was performed by none other than THIS GUY. LOLLLLL. The one thing keeping us sane during this hectic day was making jokes about this poor bloke's trousers.

This post isn't terribly interesting. HOW ABOUT THAT MEAT DRESS, EH?
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- I just randomly caught the last half an hour of The Pandorica Opens on BBC3 while I was having dinner, and holy fuck, I think I'd forgotten quite how perfect that episode was. Between that and the amazing Doctor Who/Skins crossover fic I received from [ profile] femslash10 and suddenly hugely in the mood for MOAR WHO. Why is it not Christmas yet?? Also, after having watched The Pandorica Opens again I now NEED to rewatch the finale.

- Speaking of [ profile] femslash10 (as I was, kind of): the fic I just posted for it was the first thing I'd posted in nearly EIGHT MONTHS. That's terrible! I need to write more, but it's difficult as I'm kind of ~between fandoms~ right now. There are a bunch of shows and ships I'm interested in, but I don't feel like I'm actually IN any particular fandom at the moment. :(

- I love this picture of Gaga: Cut! )


- Album rec for anyone who likes amazing synth-pop: Happiness by Hurts, album out next week but it's already leaked, of course. So so good, I've been listening to practically nothing else since it leaked. Also, one of their videos features lots of hot women in suits. That's probably relevant to a few people's interests. ;)

- I'm so looking forward to all the American TV shows that are about to start up again. Has anyone heard about any new shows that are meant to be particularly good? I feel like picking up some new ones (you can never have too many fandoms!) but have no idea where to start.

- Work tomorrow, ugh. DNW.
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- So, how about that X Factor autotune scandal, eh? I'm well aware of all the manipulation and general fuckery that goes into making the show - my favourite part of Saturday's episode was when they showed obvious plant Katie Waissel in the queue, asking the people standing right in front of her how long they'd been queuing - but somehow I'm still surprised that they'd stoop so low. I doubt the uproar will damage the show in any significant way but I hope they quietly stop using autotune at the very least.

- You know I mentioned the other day that I left my umbrella on the bus? Probably no one remembers. ANYWAY, today I saw a woman with the exact same umbrella as the one I lost, and while I wasn't close enough to tell if it was mine (there's a dent in the spike so it would've been easily recognisable) I think it might've been. I live in a small town and I've never seen anyone else with the same umbrella in the year or so I've had it, so basically I've convinced myself that she took it.

OH MY GOD, I'M SURE NO ONE CARES ABOUT MY LOST UMBRELLA. It was a really nice one, though.

- Reason #293484739 why Lady Gaga is my favourite ever: when she becomes the most followed person on Twitter she doesn't just generically thank her fans in a tweet, she makes an adorkable video about it. I love her; she's so ridiculous. Speaking of Gaga, this is a really good article about just one of the ways she's awesome (and is slightly more srs bsns than 'she makes lulzy Youtube videos').

- It's my birthday on Thursday. I'm going to be twenty-two, OMG I'm so old, etc. etc. Still wondering when I'm going to turn into a Proper Adult because I really don't feel like one yet.


Jun. 8th, 2010 08:34 pm
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For some reason, IDK why, I wasn't expecting to like the Alejandro video all that much.


(I embedded it for lazy people but really you should watch it in glorious amazing quality here.)

Gaga > everyone in the entire universe.
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- This is my favourite bullshit rumour ever. SOMEONE PLEASE MAKE THIS HAPPEN. I can't conceive of anything greater than Lady Gaga as a Doctor Who villain. Fuck, I'd settle for fic.

- Speaking of Who: this week's was awesome. I totally cried at the end. So sad that there are only three episodes left this series! Is there any word as to whether Karen Gillan is sticking around for the next series? She'd better be, but Martha and Donna only got one series each...

- I haven't watched the latest episode of Glee yet, on account of everyone saying it's the worst thing ever. Is there anything at all that makes it worth watching? Usually Glee is made of so much fail that unless there are some awesome musical numbers or Brittany and Santana being adorable and gay, I can't be dealing with it.

- Am writing something weird. Actually writing it, in a way I feel good about, instead of just coming up with ideas or scratching out a few awkward sentences, which has been the extent of my "writing" lately. I thought it was going to be something short, but it might turn into something longer. Possibly it'll turn into nothing! We'll see.

- Is it bad that I'm currently kind of more excited about the US Skins than the British Skins movie? I feel like the US Skins is a blank slate - NOW WITH ADDED LESBIANS - whereas the Skins movie has so much horrible baggage attached (read: series four) that it has to work extra hard to make me like it. And, what with gen 1 characters being involved, I bet the film is going to suffer from the exact same 'so many characters, so little time' problem that series four did. SORRY.

- Ugh, Monday tomorrow. Work. Last week I found out that I fucked up something kind of big but not irreversible, so now I have a ton of extra work to do. Also, my super-religious ex-monk colleague needs to stop talking to me about religion. I don't honestly care if he believes that the shootings in Cumbria were "the devil reminding us that he's there" but talking about religion with someone who has wildly opposing views to you = GUARANTEED AWKWARD. Ugh.
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- Huh, it's finale night. I'm sad that I'm not more sad about it, you know? I'm really not expecting to like it at all, and mostly I just want it to be over with already. I just hope the fandom sticks around and people try and make sense of this mess; I know [ profile] jengrrrl and I already have plans to collaborate on some sort of reimagining of series four.

- My massive crush on Siobhan Magnus continues to grow exponentially each week. I love how one minute she's being all super dramatic female Adam Lambert and the next she's adorkably squinting at the camera in her giant geek glasses. LOVE. If American Idol is going to insist on being two hours long it really just needs to be one hour of Siobhan singing and one hour of Crystal. Oh, maybe Didi can get five minutes. Everyone else can go home. (Apparently the theme next week is going to be TEEN IDOLS, LOL FOREVER. I want Siobhan to do something awesome with MMMBop, seeing as she's such a big Hanson fan she has a tattoo inspired by them. Did I mention that I love her?)

- There's a new guy who started at my work this week and he looks EXACTLY LIKE ZAC EFRON. I kind of want to surreptitiously take a photo so other people can see, but I figure that would be creepy. Then I thought I'd Facebook-stalk him, because that's a more socially acceptable brand of creepy, but his profile picture doesn't really show the Zefron resemblance at all.

- This is a really good post about Why Lady Gaga Is The Awesomest Ever. Also, I'm so happy that [ profile] gaga_beyonce exists. Brand new OTP!

- OMG, someone just brought cakes into the office. My day is made!
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- I am so, so happy to live in the Age of Gaga.

HOW IS SHE THAT AMAZING? I've only watched it once so far but I need to watch it more just to take it all in. Also: fuck yeah, I SHIP IT.

- I hear that series five and six of Skins have been confirmed.

[Poll #1537232]

I can't decide! I mean, I'm sure it will be terrible. But on the other hand, can it actually get any worse? I think I'll at least watch the first episode, just because I'm a masochist.

- I see there are major finale spoilers out there. Now, I don't want to know what they are, but can anyone tell me at least if they're good or bad?


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