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- So, how about that X Factor autotune scandal, eh? I'm well aware of all the manipulation and general fuckery that goes into making the show - my favourite part of Saturday's episode was when they showed obvious plant Katie Waissel in the queue, asking the people standing right in front of her how long they'd been queuing - but somehow I'm still surprised that they'd stoop so low. I doubt the uproar will damage the show in any significant way but I hope they quietly stop using autotune at the very least.

- You know I mentioned the other day that I left my umbrella on the bus? Probably no one remembers. ANYWAY, today I saw a woman with the exact same umbrella as the one I lost, and while I wasn't close enough to tell if it was mine (there's a dent in the spike so it would've been easily recognisable) I think it might've been. I live in a small town and I've never seen anyone else with the same umbrella in the year or so I've had it, so basically I've convinced myself that she took it.

OH MY GOD, I'M SURE NO ONE CARES ABOUT MY LOST UMBRELLA. It was a really nice one, though.

- Reason #293484739 why Lady Gaga is my favourite ever: when she becomes the most followed person on Twitter she doesn't just generically thank her fans in a tweet, she makes an adorkable video about it. I love her; she's so ridiculous. Speaking of Gaga, this is a really good article about just one of the ways she's awesome (and is slightly more srs bsns than 'she makes lulzy Youtube videos').

- It's my birthday on Thursday. I'm going to be twenty-two, OMG I'm so old, etc. etc. Still wondering when I'm going to turn into a Proper Adult because I really don't feel like one yet.
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- I've been kind of quiet lately, and I feel like a lot of people on my flist have been too. How are you all? Enjoying your Easter weekend? I don't really celebrate Easter now that I'm apparently Too Old For Easter Eggs, but I'm enjoying my five day weekend. \o/

- The other thing that's awesome about this Easter weekend? NEW DOCTOR WHO TONIGHT! I actually stopped watching New Who about three episodes into Martha's series but a couple of months ago - after the Christmas specials, I think - I marathoned the rest and fell in love all over again. Stephen Moffatt wrote all my favourite episodes from the last few series so I'm excited about him being the new showrunner, and I think Matt Smith's going to be a good Doctor. I'm most intrigued about Amy; I loved Martha and Donna so much, so she has big shoes to fill as far as I'm concerned, but like I said - optimistic!

- I'm kind of sad that Didi got voted off American Idol this week, except not very because she seemed to be singularly determined not to live up to her potential. Oh well, at least Siobhan managed to avoid the bottom three despite her total vocal meltdown. (I still love her, but she needs to knock it out the park this week.) Starting to suspect that fucking Lee DeWyze is going to win the whole thing, though.

- I think it's awesome that Anna Paquin came out as bi, and that she did so in a classy and understated way. Is it wrong that I always become suddenly so much more interested in a celebrity when I find out that they're queer? Because I totally do.
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Wow, it's been ages since I've posted anything that wasn't a Skins episode reaction. RL has been generally busy, even more so this week because I got a new job! I interviewed on Monday and started on Tuesday. It's the sort of job that isn't remotely impressive with regards to my job title or even how much I'm getting paid, but the organisation I'm working for is really great and I'm super happy to be there. So far I've just been doing boring induction stuff but on Thursday they sent me to a conference; I knew embarrassingly little, but I did befriend a lulzy old pagan lady there so it wasn't a complete waste of time. :D

And then the other reason why I haven't been posting much lately is that it's difficult to be excited about fandom when I feel like series four is, as I said in a comment the other day, the systematic destruction of everything I loved about series three. At this stage I kind of... can't wait for series four to be over and done with so I can forget it ever happened. It's had its good moments - Katie's episode was amazing - but there's been an unbelievable amount of fail. I feel like the writers have completely forgotten the concept of series-long character arcs? Last series there were a bunch of arcs that were well developed: Naomi/Emily, the triangle of doom (which sucked, yes, but at least made sense and was a consistent thread through the series), the three musketeers, the twins. And then there was the occasional fail like Panda/Thomas, but this series ALL the arcs are as badly developed as Panda/Thomas last year.

Gahhh, I hate so much about the things that Jamie Brittain chooses to write.

In other news! I saw Alice in Wonderland, which I really enjoyed. OMG, stories about 19th century girls being all independent and kickass and defying society's expectations are basically my FAVOURITE THING EVER. Add in SWORDFIGHTING, and my life is made.
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Jesus fuck, it's cold. We had snow! Only a tiny sprinkling that didn't really settle, but still, snow! And now I'm shivering under my duvet because the house is so cold; we don't have any loft insulation (yet!) and none of the windows are double-glazed. We can't even get double glazing because our house is a listed building (it's super old, dating from something like the mid-18th century) and so we have to keep ye olde windowes forevermore. Sigh. In conclusion: COLD.

I signed up for an Archive of Our Own invite in preparation for [ profile] yuletide and I have to say, it's really shiny! I've only uploaded one fic so far but the import feature is AWESOME. Very impressed. I really ought to spend the evening working on my Yuletide fics but I'll probs be uploading all my stuff to AO3 instead.
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- Apparently Rage Against the Machine are actually outselling Joe McElderry? Now, I'm all for ending the tyranny of the tedious X Factor Christmas number one, but a bunch of people buying a song with the refrain "fuck you, I won't do what you tell me" en masse because of a Facebook campaign? OH THE IRONY. Also, newsflash: Simon Cowell still has more money than everyone who's bought 'Killing in the Name' put together. He doesn't care.

- (Just seen that Ollie Barbieri has been supporting the RATM campaign on Twitter. I ♥ him, but LOL.)

- My neighbours appear to only have their wifi on in the evening, which is strange and kind of annoying. Obvs it's better than nothing, but only having occasional internet that I can only access in one corner of my room is KILLING me.

- Who has two thumbs and no money to buy Christmas presents with tickets to see Rufus Wainwright in April? SO EXCITED. It's been entirely too long since I've seen him live. Also super excited for his new album out in Spring!

- I've managed to just about finish one of my Yuletide fics, which is a relief! \o/ It kind of sucks, but whatever, it's better than nothing. Now I just have to write my original Yuletide assignment and my [ profile] skins_holiday fic, and then I can concentrate on [ profile] apocabigbang. So much to do!
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Currently on the world's most expensive wifi in Caffe Nero, omg. House move was successful but it's probably going to be even longer than I thought until we get the internet set up. We're not even getting the phone line until Tuesday for inexplicable reasons, and we can't set the internet up until then, and apparently it's going to take FIVE TO SEVEN WORKING DAYS, OH MY GOD KILL ME NOW. I'm starting to stress the fuck out about Yuletide, sorting out betas (one of my stories needs American-picking! D:) and uploading and and and *hyperventilates*

I really hope we get it set up before Christmas. D:

I miss you guys! I just skimmed my flist (it was ?skip=240) but I still feel all disconnected. D: I've seen that [ profile] daneorange has updated her awesome Naomi/Emily future!fic (which I assume everyone is reading, because it's awesome!) but if there's anything else I've missed, fandom-wise, will you let me know? *CLINGS*
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Ugh, busy busy busy. I'm moving house on Friday and packing is basically the most stressful thing ever. I have so much pointless shit! But aside from being all stressed I'm mostly kind of sadfacey about the move, because I grew up here and I can't quite imagine never being able to go back.

As if that wasn't bad enough, it means I'm going to be internetless for about a WEEK. D: Hopefully fandom won't implode while I'm gone.

Oh, thanks for the snowflake cookies, btw! Kind of annoyed that apparently you can't send them any more - I guess that maybe LJ made them free by mistake? Judging by LJ's past record I'd say they're more likely to fuck up than do something selfless and nice. ;)

Random poll, because I'm curious:

[Poll #1496393]

I love Katie/Emily SO MUCH (probs my third favourite pairing, after Naomi/Emily and Katie/Effy) and there's a crazy amount of subtext, but they're criminally underwritten in fic. IDK if that's because people just don't ship it or they're squicked by it or they feel like they ought to be squicked by it lest Pope Meg smite them, but I'm really interested in people's thoughts. :D


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