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LOLLL, someone actually made a petition to get Meg on Desperate Housewives! As we all know, internet petitions have a 100% success rate, so GO SIGN IT. MAKE MEG'S DREAM COME TRUE.

In other news:

"People make up fan fiction. Fan porn fiction! ... The best are the boys' ones; you can read them and imagine it!" [Kaya] giggles. "It's funny."

Question: why is it that normally the thought of actors reading fic makes me want to curl up in a ball and die, but the thought of Kaya reading lulzy slash amuses the fuck out of me? ...Probably because "you can read them and imagine it" makes me think she ships it, and KAYA SCODELARIO = SECRET SLASHER would be the greatest thing ever.

Happy Saturday, flist! ♥
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I'm procrastinating NaNo like crazy (I don't even know WHY, because I've been looking forward to writing chapter 14 for weeks and weeks and I'm nearly there) and OH MY GOD, WORD'S AUTOSUMMARISE FEATURE IS TOO MUCH FUN.

Here's [ profile] 2ndyearstories in 100 words or less:

Um, I think my characters shrug too much )

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Things that make me happy:

- Watching Nick Griffin get thoroughly pwned on Question Time last night.

- I was peeling potatoes for dinner last night when I suddenly remembered the existence of Taters! I still remember [ profile] lazy_daze playing it to me for the first time and being like "yeah, okay, whatever" and then dying with laughter when the beat kicked in. XD

- These screencaps of the Kaya interview that got taken down. (Because of spoilers, apparently? I didn't think there was anything spoilery about it and I'm quite a spoilerphobe.) I keep clicking through and just dying at her expressions all over again. Gahhh, I love her so much! ♥

- I've been watching Mercy and really enjoying it! Even if I do get the Duffy song in my head every time I think about it. I wasn't that fussed about the first episode but I'm really glad I gave it a second try, because I like it a lot. Mostly because all the women are really pretty and I am very shallow, but for other reasons too!

Things that make me sad:

- My parents have sold our house and we're moving. Like, REALLY soon. And I know the plan is for me to move out of my parents' house as soon as I can anyway, but I've lived here all my life (bar university) and I'm still so, so sadfacey about having to say goodbye to this place. :(

- I haven't done any proper writing in AGES, or at least it feels like it. I have about half of my NaNo fic planned out and I've been picking at the 80s AU (which I REALLY need to finish, because I don't want it to languish until December) but I haven't been ~inspired to do some real writing for a couple of weeks now. I ought to get back into the habit before NaNo starts. Maybe I should go troll the Free-For-All post for Skins prompts I might have missed? Hmm.

- I would really love there to be a Skins holiday fic exchange, but I haven't heard any plans for one? Not that I need any more writing commitments, but I think it would be fun. I don't think I really have the time to run one myself, but if someone else wanted to I'd definitely sign up. HINT, HINT.
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My life = MADE.

So, just like everyone else in the whole of fandom, I've been going into paroxysms of joy over the fact that Meg is on Twitter. I have a Twitter (@herdofbots) that I never use, except to stalk the Skins cast, but I keep getting the urge to tweet things @meg_prescott, all of them completely stupid. Like, I want to send her a link to the adorable nomming baby hippo and see if she just spazzes the fuck out.

... Oh shit, the person that posted that on Cute Overload? HER NAME IS MEG. I'm pretty sure the Pope isn't moonlighting as a blogger, but LOL FOREVER.

In other news, I didn't realise what a multishipper I was until I was planning out my Skins fic for NaNoWriMo earlier today and realised that I was including:

4 pairings I actively ship and want to end happily ever after
1 pairing I used to hate but am warming towards
1 pairing I like but am only really including out of obligation
3 pairings I hate (2 canon, 1 not), and
1 pairing just for the lulz.

Solution to this ridiculous, many-sided love polygon: orgy??
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will's new video! mpreg!

LOL FOREVER. Oh, William. ILU ♥
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So there was this tiny interview with Lily and Kaya from whatever that awards show was that they were at last night (scroll to the bottom). I guess it was kind of spoilery )
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I'm fairly certain that last night I had a dream involving Naomi and Effy at Hogwarts. I don't remember anything else about it, but the concept alone has been amusing me all day. :D
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I love Kaya Scodelario's Twitter kind of a ridiculous amount.

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Ughhh, it's too hot. I know I shouldn't complain about us actually having a summer for a change, but it's TOO HOT and I'm all sweaty and gross. WHICH YOU ALL WANTED TO KNOW.

LOL forever: I was up on campus today - using up the last of my printing credits by printing out my little bang fic for one last edit - and on the way back there was a COW ON THE FOOTPATH. I mean, what? I tried to get a photo but the camera on my phone was on video setting and by the time I'd sorted it out the cow had disappeared back into the valley. But I do have a one second video, lol.

alkdhfhj I just remembered I have the latest episode of Weeds to watch! Which means that this is the end of this pointless entry.
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- Ugh, I got 69 on my latest essay. Which, okay, is not a bad mark - especially considering that I wrote it on the day it was due, which also happened to be the day after 'Katie & Emily' aired, so I was spazzing out about that - but I feel like I might as well write a First off at this point. It's so tempting to just coast along to a 2.1, but then if I got one I'd only end up hating myself for not working harder.

- Speaking of working hard, and how I'm not doing it: my dissertation is due in three weeks and I'm entering full-blown panic mode about it, because I haven't done enough, and what I have done sucks, and ugh ugh ugh. It would help if my supervisor actually made even a basic effort to contact me, because if I had meetings and deadlines it would force me to produce SOMETHING, but he hasn't. Like, AT ALL. (Which means I should be proactive about it, but I hardly even have anything to show him.)

- Something semi-positive: my [ profile] thelittlebang fic is mostly typed up (five pages to go! *collapses*) but I'm dragging my feet on the last bit because I really, really don't want to have to re-read that absolutely godawful sex scene I wrote. :/ And it still needs a fuckload of work before I can even stomach sending it off to my betas, but at this stage my dissertation has to come first. :/ HOW AM I MEANT TO CONCENTRATE ON MY OWN TEDIOUS ORIGINAL CHARACTERS WHEN I JUST WANT TO WRITE FIC?

- LOL of the day, because, you know, I need one: in the toilets of the university library there's now a poster that... teaches you how to wash your hands. Because most people reach university age without learning that? It is, apparently, an EIGHT-STEP PROCESS. There are DIAGRAMS TO HELP YOU OUT. IDEK.


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