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I kind of feel like I'm at a loose end now NaNo is over! It's been a weird one this year (but then, I feel like it's always a different experience and a different challenge) but although it's not perfect, I'm mostly satisfied with how it turned out. I've never written an ensemble fic before and it's given me an all-new respect for the Skins writers, because you know how they get criticised for weird pacing and not focusing equally on all the characters and dropping storylines and all of that? Yeah, well, THAT SHIT IS HARD. I mean, I think I did okay at juggling nine characters, but I know that Thomas and Freddie got shafted and now nobody will know that in the background they were totally having a torrid love affair. :(

More for my own reference than anything else, here's what I'm working on next:

- Yuletide main assignment (due 21st Dec)
- Yuletide pinch-hit (21st Dec)
- [ profile] skins_holiday assignment (21st-31st Dec)
- [ profile] apocabigbang (5th Feb)

Plus, you know, there's that 30k 80s AU lingering on my hard drive that just needs a bit of polishing. I should probably get on that.

ALSO I still really want to write Katie/Emily(/Naomi) but I'm not sure if I could make it work.
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I hadn't realised that it's been nearly a week since I last posted. Um, I don't have much to report? Mostly I've just been working on [ profile] 2ndyearstories, which is fun and stressful in about equal measure. But people seem to be enjoying it, which definitely makes the effort worthwhile.

And then once I've done with that I have Yuletide, ARGH. I stupidly grabbed a pinch hit (it was calling me!) so that's twice the amount I need to write, and on top of that, for my original assignment I might end up writing in a fandom that I didn't sign up for and have only started getting into now because I wasn't sparking any ideas for the fandom we originally matched on. *facepalm* It's not a small amount of canon either, but at least I'm enjoying it a lot. And then there's [ profile] skins_holiday and [ profile] apocabigbang! D: Somebody stop me from signing up for any more fic challenges, PLEASE.

Have a music rec! Dirt Poor Robins - The Cage. I've been looking for this album for the longest time, ever since I heard a couple of tracks a year or two ago (including their awesome cover of 'Eleanor Rigby'). I really want the actual CD because it's a concept album and apparently the liner notes add a lot, but I can't find it anywhere online. Amazon and iTunes don't even have the full album to download! But at least I have the full album now, and I LOVE it. ♥
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- Apparently today was the last day of filming for Skins series four! ngl, I am ridiculously sad about this. Not as sad as I'll be when the last episode airs - I anticipate many tears, because I'm lame and cry at EVERYTHING - but I love these ridiculous kids, and it makes me sad that they'll no longer be living together in Bristol and doing ridiculous things together. :(((

- In happier news, I'm going to see The Decemberists tomorrow! SO EXCITED. I think it's going to be one of their Hazards of Love shows where they play the whole album through, but I've not actually checked to see if that's the case, heh. Whatever; it's The Decemberists, so it's guaranteed to be awesome.

- Still behind on NaNo, although I've been using Write or Die and that's helping. I can do about 500 words in 10 minutes, so if I use it enough it shouldn't take too long to catch up. I think I've just about planned out the rest of the story as well, so I'm feeling a bit better about it. (I was having serious ~angst about it the other day, but I spared you the emo LJ posts I wanted to make about it.) ETA: just hit 25k! Two days late, but whatever, it feels good to be halfway there. \o/

- Finally caught up with the last two eps of Mad Men and OMG, how awesome was the finale? I seriously cannot wait for series four.
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- I got my Yuletide assignment! And even though I can't actually give it the proper attention it deserves until December, I'm already worrying about it - right now my mind is a blank when it comes to ideas. I'm sure I'll come up with something eventually (maybe once I revisit the source material) but I don't want to just cobble something together, you know? Ack. :/

- I've been watching White Collar and enjoying it (oh, Matthew Bomer, why so pretty? Must you insist on making me ~question my sexuality?) but I think it would be more fun if it was about Neal actually committing his crimes and Peter trying to catch him, instead of Neal helping Peter solve crimes. Sort of like an American Hustle, but with a prettier cast and shinier backdrop.

- Re. The X Factor last night: Fuck you, Olly Murs, for ruining my favourite Queen song. HOW is this guy the favourite to win? Also, Jedward were just kind of... boring.

- I need to get on with NaNo. To get back on track today I need to write 3650 words, and so far I've written... 12. It isn't even a complete sentence!
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I'm procrastinating NaNo like crazy (I don't even know WHY, because I've been looking forward to writing chapter 14 for weeks and weeks and I'm nearly there) and OH MY GOD, WORD'S AUTOSUMMARISE FEATURE IS TOO MUCH FUN.

Here's [ profile] 2ndyearstories in 100 words or less:

Um, I think my characters shrug too much )

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- Anyone who wants to sign up for [ profile] skins_holiday, now's the time to do so! Sign-ups close tomorrow at 11pm PST. It's an exchange open for fic writers, vidders, and graphics makers, and I think it's going to be a lot of fun, so go and sign up! :D!

- I'm really overwhelmed by the response that [ profile] 2ndyearstories is getting. ♥ I'm having fun writing it and I'm just really thrilled that other people seem to be enjoying it. Honestly, the whole thing is really far outside of my comfort zone, both in that it's a big ensemble piece, and also because I'm posting it as an unedited WIP (omg scary!), and I'm just really happy that it seems to be working. ♥

- It looks like [ profile] yuletide sign-ups are going to open soon? SO EXCITED. Although I haven't yet managed to whittle down my five requests to four. :/ I had them all planned out, but then I started watching Parks & Recreation and craving Leslie/Ann fic, so one of the other requests has to go. DILEMMA.

- I'm listening to Girls Aloud on shuffle and it's making me sad that they've been put on hold while National Treasure Cheryl Cole pursues her rubbish solo career. Girls Aloud's entire discography >>>>>>> 3 Words.
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So, NaNoWriMo's started once again! For those who missed the ~announcement first time round, I'm writing Skins fic for NaNo this year and it's all going to be posted at [ profile] 2ndyearstories. The first part is already up, and the next part should be posted later tonight or tomorrow.

I went along to a write-in this afternoon with a bunch of other Wrimos, which was really nice; we had the entire upstairs of Coffee Republic to ourselves and it was a lot of fun to sit there with about fifteen other crazy people, all typing away. Also, they gave out stickers and chocolate, and I am easily pleased by little things like that. I've been to write-ins in three different cities over the years (on two different continents!) and it's always one of my favourite parts of NaNo, meeting other people and all sharing in the madness together.

Okay, I have to do the washing up and then watch The X Factor, and then it's back to writing! :D I ♥ November, even when it makes me want to kill myself.
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My life = MADE.

So, just like everyone else in the whole of fandom, I've been going into paroxysms of joy over the fact that Meg is on Twitter. I have a Twitter (@herdofbots) that I never use, except to stalk the Skins cast, but I keep getting the urge to tweet things @meg_prescott, all of them completely stupid. Like, I want to send her a link to the adorable nomming baby hippo and see if she just spazzes the fuck out.

... Oh shit, the person that posted that on Cute Overload? HER NAME IS MEG. I'm pretty sure the Pope isn't moonlighting as a blogger, but LOL FOREVER.

In other news, I didn't realise what a multishipper I was until I was planning out my Skins fic for NaNoWriMo earlier today and realised that I was including:

4 pairings I actively ship and want to end happily ever after
1 pairing I used to hate but am warming towards
1 pairing I like but am only really including out of obligation
3 pairings I hate (2 canon, 1 not), and
1 pairing just for the lulz.

Solution to this ridiculous, many-sided love polygon: orgy??
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This is entirely [ profile] jengrrrl's fault, but: I find myself tempted to sign up for [ profile] apocabigbang. And that's bad, because a) I don't have a plot bunny, b) plot and world-building is not my strong suit, and c) I really don't need another big fic project on my plate.

I mean, there's already the 30k 80s AU, which I still haven't finished typing up, let alone started editing, and then... then there's NaNoWriMo. (For those of you who don't know, that's a writing challenge where you write a 50k novel in November.)

Now, I fucking love NaNo. I've done it for the last five years, and I've won each time, and I've always, always had so much fun with it. I've written five completely terrible original novels, and even though I've never shown anyone the stuff I've written for NaNo, I still think it's been a really rewarding experience each time and I know my writing has vastly improved because of it. I'm sort of reaching the stage with NaNo where I feel like I've got everything I can out of it as a challenge, and this year I'm really just going to do it for fun.

And you know what's fun? Writing Skins fic.

So, yeah: there's 50k of Skins fic coming your way in November, if you're interested. It's going to be, I think, a collection of interrelated stories spanning Our Heroes' second year at Roundview that will hopefully end up forming some sort of coherent whole, and I'll be posting it up as I write it, so more or less every day. There's no time for editing, so it's not going to be perfectly written, and it will probably end up veering off in unexpected directions, but that's the fun of NaNo. :D I thought I'd keep it off this journal, because I don't want to spam the fuck out of the people who aren't here for fandom reasons, so I've created a comm: [ profile] 2ndyearstories. Obviously nothing will be posted there until November, but you can watch the comm if you're interested. I think it's going to be fun!


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