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Jesus fuck, it's cold. We had snow! Only a tiny sprinkling that didn't really settle, but still, snow! And now I'm shivering under my duvet because the house is so cold; we don't have any loft insulation (yet!) and none of the windows are double-glazed. We can't even get double glazing because our house is a listed building (it's super old, dating from something like the mid-18th century) and so we have to keep ye olde windowes forevermore. Sigh. In conclusion: COLD.

I signed up for an Archive of Our Own invite in preparation for [ profile] yuletide and I have to say, it's really shiny! I've only uploaded one fic so far but the import feature is AWESOME. Very impressed. I really ought to spend the evening working on my Yuletide fics but I'll probs be uploading all my stuff to AO3 instead.

Glory be!

Dec. 14th, 2009 12:33 am
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I managed to hijack my neighbours' wifi!! Note to anyone setting up a wireless network: don't base the name of your network on the instrument you play and make the password your surname. Nefarious people may just figure it out and steal your internet. ;)

In unrelated news, thank God for overly friendly neighbours who tell you their life story as soon as you move next door.
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- I had an Important Plot Breakthrough for my dissertation today, which was pretty awesome. I still have a fuckload to do, but at least right now I've started to get excited about it again. It's a bit weird writing it though, because it's a novel-length idea and I'm just writing the first chapter, so I don't get to write any of the fun resolution part, I just have to... IDK, hopefully introduce some interesting characters and conflicts or whatever. I find it really weird being judged on the beginning of a story and not the whole thing.

- I'm trying to avoid fandom a bit at the moment because I only have room for one set of characters in my head at the moment, but it's SO DIFFICULT. I've read a bit of meta lately that's been complaining about the suckitude of femslash fandom and I can't relate at ALL, because Skins fandom is so shiny and awesome and makes me roll around in GLEE. Srsly, I can't believe how lucky I am to find a fandom this perfect for me.

- Judging by the dream I had last night, my subconscious apparently ships Fry/Laurie? LOLZ. (I'm so glad it was strictly G-rated.)

- Don't know if anyone cares, but I got a dreamwidth. I don't plan on doing anything with it at all unless LJ completely implodes, but it's there if you want to friend it?

- Eurovision tomorrow! My plans include getting drunk and watching it.


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