Jul. 1st, 2009 03:13 pm
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Yeah, I got a 2.1.


(I know there's nothing wrong with a 2.1, I'm just angry at myself because I know I could've done better.)
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Technically the Love Ball will be over by now, which means that Naomi and Emily are probably back at Naomi's house having sex RIGHT NOW. :D :D :D This makes me stupidly happy. YES, I'M LAME, I DON'T CARE OKAY.

*happysigh* I just rewatched 'Katie & Emily' for the millionth time (seriously, I've lost count) and God, I still love them like fierce. It's making me crave fic, but somehow all the epic long fic in this fandom manages not to be Naomi/Emily? How did that even happen??

In other news, I GET MY FREAKING RESULTS TOMORROW. D: I thought it was Friday, but I JUST found out that no, it's tomorrow, so I've been a bit blindsided by panic. I'm fairly certain I've got a 2.1 but I'm still going to be disappointed by it, because I really want a First. SIGH.
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OMGYAY #1: I've FINISHED MY DEGREE! Got my last essay in on time, and while it wasn't great, it wasn't a complete mess. Whatevs, I've finished! \o/

OMGYAY #2: Apparently there was some sort of Skins BNF conspiracy to post fic last night, and now I have a metric fucktonne of awesomeness to read! \o/

OMGYAY #3: I bought The Demon's Lexicon! I'd heard mixed things about it but I'm quite enjoying it so far. Plus, it makes me giddy to a) read a book set in Exeter, and b) own a real published book by my second favourite fic writer ever. \o/

OMGYAY #4: It's SUMMMMER! Now I'm no longer holed up in a boiling hot computer room the sunshine is making me SO HAPPY. I think I'm going to have a random day in a seaside town soon, I just need to pick somewhere that's easily accessible by train. \o/

HOW ARE YOU, FLIST? I've been terrible at commenting on people's RL stuff but I'll be better, I promise. *hugs* to everyone who's been having a rubbish time of it lately.
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I'm fairly sure I need someone to ACTUALLY POKE ME WITH A STICK in order to make me write this final essay. UGH. I haven't even opened up Word yet, and I've been in the computer room (because supposedly this is the only place I can work, LOLZ) for about... three hours? Maybe only two; I forget. STILL. The point is, I have a 3000-word essay due at 4pm tomorrow and all I'm doing is sitting here eating Smarties and refreshing my flist. Fail.

It doesn't help that it's boiling hot and the computer room is like a sauna. Ugghhh. I'm contemplating going for a walk to cool down, but, you know, THAT'S NOT EXACTLY THE BEST WAY TO BE PRODUCTIVE.

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So, I got my dissertation in on time! It wasn't quite the OMG MOMENTOUS OCCASION that I was expecting, although I was kind of ridiculously pleased by how shiny it looked once it was bound. TOO BAD IT SUCKS. I've pretty much resigned myself to getting a 2.1 at this point (she says, like that's some terrible mark) but whatevs. One more essay and then I'm done!

... and then I can move on to worrying about fic instead. I'm getting a bit stressed about [ profile] thelittlebang already, and weirdly nervous about the fact that some unknown person has my terrible first draft RIGHT NOW and has to try and make ART for it. :/ I blame this fandomsecret.

In other news, I don't even care about Doctor Who and haven't watched it in ages, but the new companion is pretty! I approve. [/shallow]

Ugh, LIFE.

May. 28th, 2009 09:23 pm
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- Oh God, I have never talked such epic pretentious bollocks as in my dissertation. (The essay part, that is. The creative part is just lame.) I'M GOING TO FAIL SO HARD, GUYS. IT'S DUE IN TOMORROW AND IT'S EATING ME ALIVE.

- When it comes to the 'works consulted but not cited' list, I'm basically Wikipedia-ing post-apocalyptic fiction and pretending I've read it all. I mean, it's that or admit that my interest in it mostly stems from fic. (OMG, Last Outpost Of All That Is! ♥)

- I love how every time in the last couple of days that I've taken a break from spazzing over my dissertation by reading my flist, fandom has come up with some insane crack to make me feel better. KANGAROOS, WUT.

- Randomly, Neil Gaiman's blog is turning me into a Neil Gaimain/Amanda Palmer tinhat. I'm not even sure why I care! I'm only vaguely a fan of both of them.

- I can't believe I still have ANOTHER essay to write, due on Tuesday. SO GLAD I DIDN'T APPLY FOR AN MA, I CAN'T WAIT FOR THIS TO END.

- I really want a Skins moodtheme, but, you know. NOW IS NOT THE TIME TO GO SEARCHING FOR ONE.
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You know what would be more fun than trying to complete my dissertation? SHOOTING MYSELF IN THE FACE. Uggghh, I'm basically expecting these next two weeks to be the WORST OF MY LIFE. (My dissertation is actually due in nine days, but then the lovely people at the English department decided to schedule our last 3000-word essay so it's due in four days later. DELIGHTFUL.) least I got the first draft of my [ profile] thelittlebang fic in? Way to go, self, you'll be so impressed with your prioritising come results day. I'm always so aware of when I'm failing at life, and yet I CONTINUE TO DO SO.
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- Ugh, I got 69 on my latest essay. Which, okay, is not a bad mark - especially considering that I wrote it on the day it was due, which also happened to be the day after 'Katie & Emily' aired, so I was spazzing out about that - but I feel like I might as well write a First off at this point. It's so tempting to just coast along to a 2.1, but then if I got one I'd only end up hating myself for not working harder.

- Speaking of working hard, and how I'm not doing it: my dissertation is due in three weeks and I'm entering full-blown panic mode about it, because I haven't done enough, and what I have done sucks, and ugh ugh ugh. It would help if my supervisor actually made even a basic effort to contact me, because if I had meetings and deadlines it would force me to produce SOMETHING, but he hasn't. Like, AT ALL. (Which means I should be proactive about it, but I hardly even have anything to show him.)

- Something semi-positive: my [ profile] thelittlebang fic is mostly typed up (five pages to go! *collapses*) but I'm dragging my feet on the last bit because I really, really don't want to have to re-read that absolutely godawful sex scene I wrote. :/ And it still needs a fuckload of work before I can even stomach sending it off to my betas, but at this stage my dissertation has to come first. :/ HOW AM I MEANT TO CONCENTRATE ON MY OWN TEDIOUS ORIGINAL CHARACTERS WHEN I JUST WANT TO WRITE FIC?

- LOL of the day, because, you know, I need one: in the toilets of the university library there's now a poster that... teaches you how to wash your hands. Because most people reach university age without learning that? It is, apparently, an EIGHT-STEP PROCESS. There are DIAGRAMS TO HELP YOU OUT. IDEK.


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