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Wow, it's been ages. I feel like I should post more, but then I never have anything much to say.

I've... kind of given up on Skins. Both versions. I'm one episode behind on US Skins and two behind on UK Skins and I don't really have any motivation to catch up with either of them. Maybe I'll catch up with US Skins eventually if I hear that they've sorted out the Tony/Tea fuckery, but IDK.

In RL news, you know how my whole job situation was up in the air? IT STILL IS. But it looks potentially positive, because the organisation might have more funding? IDK, I have no idea what's going to happen, but I'm going to be there at least through to the beginning of April, so that's something.

Back to fandom news: I seem to have accidentally become OBSESSED with Glee, which was careless of me. I mean, don't get me wrong: I am well aware of the many and varied ways in which it sucks out loud, and I still rage at it on a regular basis, but Santana Lopez just snuck up on me and made me fall in love with her. IT WASN'T MY FAULT. So I've been gorging myself on schmoopy slightly-OOC Brittany/Santana fic these last couple of days, and I find myself ridiculously excited about the next episode. Spoilers )

LOL, I am so not proud of any of this. GLEE SUCKS. I'm hoping it will be one of those random brief obsessions I occasionally get with a new fandom that never lasts, but WHO KNOWS. I already have the urge to write fic.

Oh, also, in my travels around Glee fandom I found this picture: cut! )

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I'm going to have to rename this tag AGAIN.

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I really need to rename my Skins tag. WARNING: SQUEE-HARSHING AHEAD.

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- *pokes last post* Anyone else want fic? I just want lots of excuses to write!

- Stuff I am inordinately excited about: SMASH HITS LADY GAGA SPECIAL, OH MY GOD. (I'm sure people who didn't grow up with Smash Hits won't understand why this is potentially so amazing, so you'll just have to trust me that it is.) If there's not a biscuit tin interview I will be v. disappointed.

- I'm getting pretty fed up with the snow already, even though a) we haven't had a huge amount where I am, and b) I got to leave work an hour early today. The fact that I've started finding snow annoying instead of fun is a sign that I'm getting old, isn't it? :(

- Random TV rec of the day: BOARDWALK EMPIRE. Is anyone watching it? If not, you should be - it's this new HBO show about Prohibition-era gangsters and it's awesome. Honestly, I only started watching it because I heard there were lesbians (I know, I know, I'm rolling my eyes at myself too) but the whole thing is brilliant, not just that storyline.

- I still haven't seen Deathly Hallows yet. FAIL.

- I've just realised how close Skins gen 3 and US!Skins are. How has time passed so quickly? It seems like fandom is way more excited about US!Skins, which is kind of hilarious considering the initial reaction. Is anyone actually looking forward to gen 3 at all, or is everyone just expecting it to be shit?
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- NaNo starts in less than five days and my main character STILL DOESN'T HAVE A NAME. D: Or, well, she has a name, but it's not the perfect name, it's just a name that'll do. And that's basically the same thing as not having a name at all.

- I feel like I've been shirking my duties as a Skins fandomer by not commenting on the US Skins trailer! Mostly I think it's going to be super weird for the first few episodes that are basically remakes of series one, but I'm really looking forward to seeing where it goes once it branches off. And of course I'm mostly interested in Tea, because, well, you already know my feelings on cute lesbians. Also, I love how fandom's already shipping her with Michelle, but I just have one request: please, fandom, don't start calling them something stupid like ~*Teachelle*~. JUST SAY NO TO NAME-SMOOSHES.

- Who's watching Lip Service?? It can't exactly be described as quality TV and yet I'm enjoying the hell out of it, probably because after The L Word the bar for lesbian TV is set so low you can step over it. Anyway, brief thoughts: Frankie is SO HOT but her emo is tedious, I like Cat but she needs to pull herself together, and Tess is my favourite even though sometimes her storylines hit my embarrassment squick hard. And I LOVE Tess and Lou together, even though Lou's awful to her. :/

- I've had 'I Wanna Be Like You' in my head intermittently throughout the week and it's all Katie Fucking Waissel's fault. Why is The X Factor trying so hard to make her happen? She's not going to happen.
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My big gripe is that they introduced us to the actors instead of the characters. But, whatever, I can still make snap judgements based on pictures alone!

Gen 3 )

All in all, I'm... kind of intrigued? At the moment it's hard to see them as a Skins cast instead of a bunch of normal teenagers, but I'm interested to see what kind of characters they'll be playing. Still have unwavering faith in Jamie Brittain's ability to fuck it all up, but obviously I'll be watching anyway.
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- I had a dream last night where I made out with Jessica from True Blood. It was kind of awkward and not nearly as awesome as it should have been. THANKS, SUBCONSCIOUS. :/

- Remind me why I sign up for fic exchanges? I'm already starting to freak out about my [ profile] femslash10 story. The deadline's still a month away, but all I have is half an outline for a story that feels like it's going to be long.

- I think it's nice that Joe McElderry came out (for those that don't know, he won the last series of The X Factor), but I can't believe how overblown the whole thing was. Most gay male popstars have one ridiculously splashy "I'M GAY" tabloid headline, but Joe had TWO. Have we not moved on from that sort of thing now? It all feels very 1999.

- Zac Efron is ridiculously pretty. I have such a weird platonic crush on him (also on Matt Bomer, oh my God. How is he even real?). You know how straight girls have girlcrushes? Yeah, it's like that.

- The other day I came up with an idea for an original story that I feel just may be my Big Idea That Actually Goes Somewhere. (Of course, I usually think that about my original ideas, and they never are.) It's like a dystopian/sci-fi YA thing and I feel like it actually has a lot of potential, but I actually have no clue how to go about writing a novel outside of the constraints of NaNoWriMo. I don't know if I can stick with a project for that long, especially now I have less time to write.

- I hear the new Sherlock series is good. Is it? I'm not really in a rush to watch yet another story about two straight white dudes, but I might give catch up with it online if I can be bothered.

- Apparently the lesbian that's replacing the Maxxie character in the US Skins is going to have much more to do than Maxxie ever did? I'm pretty sure that, what with this and the lesbian/bi character in Gen 3, BE and JB are cynically cashing in on Naomi and Emily's popularity and are now just throwing lesbians at everything because they know there's an automatic fanbase there. AND IT'S TOTALLY WORKING. Hands up who's more inclined to watch something with lesbians in? (I know I am. I watch Pretty Little Liars, for fuck's sake.)
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I'm getting really excited about writing my [ profile] skins_bigbang fic. :D I haven't planned it all out yet, but it's starting to take shape and I'm cautiously optimistic. And I've already written 1000 words! Did I mention that it's a crossover with Doctor Who? OMG, it's SO MUCH FUN TO WRITE.

Anyway, I have a question! Not a highly important one, but I thought I'd ask all the same: how much time do you reckon passes between Gobbler's End and the Love Ball? Katie still has prominent bruises so it can't be too long, but I find it difficult to judge. Answers on a postcard!
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SO I SIGNED UP FOR [ profile] skins_bigbang. I HOPE YOU'RE ALL HAPPY.

Guys, I have, like, THREE different ideas for what I might write. It is so strange/awesome to be excited about Skins again! :D :D :D


Jul. 7th, 2010 10:24 pm
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Riddle me this: why the fuck am I so tempted to sign up for [ profile] skins_bigbang? I mean, series four and I did not get on. I haven't written any Skins fic in months, not even my embarrassingly-overdue [ profile] help_haiti fic or that fucking 80s AU. It's been forever since I've even read any Skins fic. And yet I see all this Big Bang excitement on my flist, and suddenly I'm ridiculously tempted to sign up. To be a part of fandom again. IDEK.

I would ask people to talk me off the ledge, but I feel that would be counter-productive. ;)
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- This is my favourite bullshit rumour ever. SOMEONE PLEASE MAKE THIS HAPPEN. I can't conceive of anything greater than Lady Gaga as a Doctor Who villain. Fuck, I'd settle for fic.

- Speaking of Who: this week's was awesome. I totally cried at the end. So sad that there are only three episodes left this series! Is there any word as to whether Karen Gillan is sticking around for the next series? She'd better be, but Martha and Donna only got one series each...

- I haven't watched the latest episode of Glee yet, on account of everyone saying it's the worst thing ever. Is there anything at all that makes it worth watching? Usually Glee is made of so much fail that unless there are some awesome musical numbers or Brittany and Santana being adorable and gay, I can't be dealing with it.

- Am writing something weird. Actually writing it, in a way I feel good about, instead of just coming up with ideas or scratching out a few awkward sentences, which has been the extent of my "writing" lately. I thought it was going to be something short, but it might turn into something longer. Possibly it'll turn into nothing! We'll see.

- Is it bad that I'm currently kind of more excited about the US Skins than the British Skins movie? I feel like the US Skins is a blank slate - NOW WITH ADDED LESBIANS - whereas the Skins movie has so much horrible baggage attached (read: series four) that it has to work extra hard to make me like it. And, what with gen 1 characters being involved, I bet the film is going to suffer from the exact same 'so many characters, so little time' problem that series four did. SORRY.

- Ugh, Monday tomorrow. Work. Last week I found out that I fucked up something kind of big but not irreversible, so now I have a ton of extra work to do. Also, my super-religious ex-monk colleague needs to stop talking to me about religion. I don't honestly care if he believes that the shootings in Cumbria were "the devil reminding us that he's there" but talking about religion with someone who has wildly opposing views to you = GUARANTEED AWKWARD. Ugh.
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Apparently the Skins film has been confirmed, and it's mostly about Gen 2 with appearances from Gens 1 and 3? Honestly, I have mixed feelings about the whole thing. On the one hand, HAVEN'T WE SUFFERED ENOUGH? I feel like I've been through twelve rounds with this show and now they're asking me to go through ANOTHER. It's exhausting, you know? Skins really is an abusive boyfriend of a show.

But on the other hand, I'm not ready to give up this cast yet and it's possible that they'll be able to salvage these characters' storylines. It's going to be difficult, because they have a whole bunch of loose ends from series four to wrap up and I assume they'll want to tell a whole new story as well, but it's possible that it could be good. At the very least, the main problem that plagued series four - the insularity of the episodes - won't happen with the film.

IDK; obviously it's too early to judge, and I'm approaching the whole thing with extreme caution. But the most important thing? With new gen 2 canon on the way, that means the fandom is much less likely to die out. And that, at least, makes me incredibly happy. ♥
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- Huh, it's finale night. I'm sad that I'm not more sad about it, you know? I'm really not expecting to like it at all, and mostly I just want it to be over with already. I just hope the fandom sticks around and people try and make sense of this mess; I know [ profile] jengrrrl and I already have plans to collaborate on some sort of reimagining of series four.

- My massive crush on Siobhan Magnus continues to grow exponentially each week. I love how one minute she's being all super dramatic female Adam Lambert and the next she's adorkably squinting at the camera in her giant geek glasses. LOVE. If American Idol is going to insist on being two hours long it really just needs to be one hour of Siobhan singing and one hour of Crystal. Oh, maybe Didi can get five minutes. Everyone else can go home. (Apparently the theme next week is going to be TEEN IDOLS, LOL FOREVER. I want Siobhan to do something awesome with MMMBop, seeing as she's such a big Hanson fan she has a tattoo inspired by them. Did I mention that I love her?)

- There's a new guy who started at my work this week and he looks EXACTLY LIKE ZAC EFRON. I kind of want to surreptitiously take a photo so other people can see, but I figure that would be creepy. Then I thought I'd Facebook-stalk him, because that's a more socially acceptable brand of creepy, but his profile picture doesn't really show the Zefron resemblance at all.

- This is a really good post about Why Lady Gaga Is The Awesomest Ever. Also, I'm so happy that [ profile] gaga_beyonce exists. Brand new OTP!

- OMG, someone just brought cakes into the office. My day is made!
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- I am so, so happy to live in the Age of Gaga.

HOW IS SHE THAT AMAZING? I've only watched it once so far but I need to watch it more just to take it all in. Also: fuck yeah, I SHIP IT.

- I hear that series five and six of Skins have been confirmed.

[Poll #1537232]

I can't decide! I mean, I'm sure it will be terrible. But on the other hand, can it actually get any worse? I think I'll at least watch the first episode, just because I'm a masochist.

- I see there are major finale spoilers out there. Now, I don't want to know what they are, but can anyone tell me at least if they're good or bad?
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God, this is a particularly soporific day at work. For some reason everyone else seems to be super busy today so there's not a whole lot of conversation to be had. Not even Zanna, the guide dog, wants to say hello to me today. And, okay, I've finished the induction period early and I have work I could be getting on with, but it's just vague ~planning stuff and I'm feeling lazy. WHY IS IT NOT HOMETIME YET.

Mostly I'm looking forward to getting home so I can watch American Idol. Fair warning: I'm getting hugely into it this year, so I'll probs end up talking about it a lot. I'm already completely in love with Siobhan and Crystal (and omg, Crystal pings my gaydar hard) and there are a couple more that I'm prepared to love if they give a knockout performance (Katelyn, Didi). The boys all suck, apart from Alex Lambert who's kind of adorable with his stagefright and mullet and surprisingly good voice, and Lilly is so hideous I want to PUNCH HER IN THE FACE. OMG, I hate her and her affected hipster bullshit so much.

Wow, I feel better getting that off my chest.

I'm still not feeling any better about this series of Skins - is it true that Jamie Brittain wrote Effy's episode? UGH - but I've started writing a kind of lulzy AU and that's cheered me up a bit. I don't want to say too much about it yet in case I end up hyping it up too much and then kind of abandoning it (y halo thar 80s AU), but it's a lot of fun so far. :D

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Wow, it's been ages since I've posted anything that wasn't a Skins episode reaction. RL has been generally busy, even more so this week because I got a new job! I interviewed on Monday and started on Tuesday. It's the sort of job that isn't remotely impressive with regards to my job title or even how much I'm getting paid, but the organisation I'm working for is really great and I'm super happy to be there. So far I've just been doing boring induction stuff but on Thursday they sent me to a conference; I knew embarrassingly little, but I did befriend a lulzy old pagan lady there so it wasn't a complete waste of time. :D

And then the other reason why I haven't been posting much lately is that it's difficult to be excited about fandom when I feel like series four is, as I said in a comment the other day, the systematic destruction of everything I loved about series three. At this stage I kind of... can't wait for series four to be over and done with so I can forget it ever happened. It's had its good moments - Katie's episode was amazing - but there's been an unbelievable amount of fail. I feel like the writers have completely forgotten the concept of series-long character arcs? Last series there were a bunch of arcs that were well developed: Naomi/Emily, the triangle of doom (which sucked, yes, but at least made sense and was a consistent thread through the series), the three musketeers, the twins. And then there was the occasional fail like Panda/Thomas, but this series ALL the arcs are as badly developed as Panda/Thomas last year.

Gahhh, I hate so much about the things that Jamie Brittain chooses to write.

In other news! I saw Alice in Wonderland, which I really enjoyed. OMG, stories about 19th century girls being all independent and kickass and defying society's expectations are basically my FAVOURITE THING EVER. Add in SWORDFIGHTING, and my life is made.


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