botherd: (skins: subtlest. crush. ever.)
botherd ([personal profile] botherd) wrote2009-06-24 06:19 pm

What's that noise? Yeah it's the cows knocking on our door...

Ughhh, it's too hot. I know I shouldn't complain about us actually having a summer for a change, but it's TOO HOT and I'm all sweaty and gross. WHICH YOU ALL WANTED TO KNOW.

LOL forever: I was up on campus today - using up the last of my printing credits by printing out my little bang fic for one last edit - and on the way back there was a COW ON THE FOOTPATH. I mean, what? I tried to get a photo but the camera on my phone was on video setting and by the time I'd sorted it out the cow had disappeared back into the valley. But I do have a one second video, lol.

alkdhfhj I just remembered I have the latest episode of Weeds to watch! Which means that this is the end of this pointless entry.

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