botherd: (gossip girl: srsly just good friends)
botherd ([personal profile] botherd) wrote2009-06-28 07:00 pm

Ugh, I'm terrible at coming up with titles for these things.

- Okay, I know everyone in fandom has seen the Bleighton gaysplosion that happened last night, but I still have to link because, WOW. I'm still kind of amazed those photos even exist. Also, they're kind of making me miss Gossip Girl a bit. I still haven't caught up; apparently not even the prospect of MOAR GEORGINA has managed to lure me back. Sadface.

- I'm kind of annoyed that the deadline for [ profile] thelittlebang has been pushed back two weeks. Ugh, I'm so ready to post that motherfucker already. It's so rare for me to actively want to post any fic I write, so to not be able to is... a little frustrating.

- I've started properly working on my [ profile] femslash09 fic and I'm having a lot of fun with it so far. I'm sure I'll start hating it in due course, but right now it's going really well. \o/

- Is anyone watching Wimbledon? It's the only tennis tournament I watch but I love it SO MUCH, and I'm getting stupidly excited about Andy Murray's chances. \o/ Also, lolling forever over the commentator's OBSESSION with the Centre Court roof. When will we finally see the roof in action?? I don't know about you, but I'm on TENTERHOOKS.

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