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Ugh, I spent all day working on my fic for [ profile] thelittlebang (all day = five solid hours of writing, which is a lot for me) and all I have to show for it is the most mediocre sex scene ever written. And I still have another one to write. *sigh* At least wordcount-wise the fic is going well (~13500 words! *pwnz*).

And now it's 11:30 and I really want to go to bed (which is REALLY EARLY for me) but my friend Amie has asked me to proof-read her dissertation for grammar, and it's due in tomorrow. Ugh, it's TWELVE THOUSAND WORDS and about LAW. The legality of euthanasia, specifically. Fun times. :/

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13500 words! ARE THEY TYPED OUT? WHEN WILL THEY BE SENT TO ME? *grabby hands*

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They are... mostly not typed out. And I still have quite a bit left to write, but okay, let's say I'll send you the whole thing (as in, a completed first draft) by... Friday? If I don't, you have permission to capslock at me until I do! :D

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wow..... 13500 is too many !

goodluck. :+

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Ha, yeah, it's kind of a ridiculous amount. The longest fic I've written, by far!