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botherd ([personal profile] botherd) wrote2009-05-08 09:06 pm

Emily and Naomi are making me fail my degree.

- Ugh, I got 69 on my latest essay. Which, okay, is not a bad mark - especially considering that I wrote it on the day it was due, which also happened to be the day after 'Katie & Emily' aired, so I was spazzing out about that - but I feel like I might as well write a First off at this point. It's so tempting to just coast along to a 2.1, but then if I got one I'd only end up hating myself for not working harder.

- Speaking of working hard, and how I'm not doing it: my dissertation is due in three weeks and I'm entering full-blown panic mode about it, because I haven't done enough, and what I have done sucks, and ugh ugh ugh. It would help if my supervisor actually made even a basic effort to contact me, because if I had meetings and deadlines it would force me to produce SOMETHING, but he hasn't. Like, AT ALL. (Which means I should be proactive about it, but I hardly even have anything to show him.)

- Something semi-positive: my [ profile] thelittlebang fic is mostly typed up (five pages to go! *collapses*) but I'm dragging my feet on the last bit because I really, really don't want to have to re-read that absolutely godawful sex scene I wrote. :/ And it still needs a fuckload of work before I can even stomach sending it off to my betas, but at this stage my dissertation has to come first. :/ HOW AM I MEANT TO CONCENTRATE ON MY OWN TEDIOUS ORIGINAL CHARACTERS WHEN I JUST WANT TO WRITE FIC?

- LOL of the day, because, you know, I need one: in the toilets of the university library there's now a poster that... teaches you how to wash your hands. Because most people reach university age without learning that? It is, apparently, an EIGHT-STEP PROCESS. There are DIAGRAMS TO HELP YOU OUT. IDEK.

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We got hand washing posters EVERYWHERE (including in our kitchen) last week. Not 8 steps though, just 5, I think.

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LOL, clearly down in Devon we need things spelling out a bit more. Seriously though, it's such a fucking waste of trees! I can't believe they think it's going to make a significant difference.

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Some old woman came into three of my classes today to warn the kids not to, erm, do... anything. Cough, sneeze, talk, breathe. It was awesome, they totally shut the fuck up for like ten seconds whilst considering their own morality.

Also! I got a 69 in an essay in my final term, it was totally frustrated (something along the lines of, 'My ego for one stingy mark? WITCH!'): you can still get a First, and I'm sure you will.

Good luck with the dissertation. I'd love to read it at some point, if you're ever thinking of sharing it.

Cheerio, Michael. xxx

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I don't know why you're joking about it, Michael, swine flu has killed TENS OF PEOPLE WORLDWIDE.

I feel like a First is really doubtful at this stage; it really does depend on my dissertation (plus one other essay that's due three days later; oh, yeah, I'm going to have time to work on that) and I have no clue how that's going to go. I might share my dissertation, depending on what mark I get, but as it's only going to be the start of a novel rather than a complete story, I'm not sure how interesting it'll be.

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haha hand washing! it reminds me of my one subject public health 100 its really fun our teacher ones tought us about the proper medical hand washing. it was our quiz.
med handwashing take will take me a year to finish i think after im done washing my hands my patient is already dead. lol