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For the first time in a while I find myself needing to talk about Doctor Who!

6x07 A Good Man Goes to War )
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- I just randomly caught the last half an hour of The Pandorica Opens on BBC3 while I was having dinner, and holy fuck, I think I'd forgotten quite how perfect that episode was. Between that and the amazing Doctor Who/Skins crossover fic I received from [ profile] femslash10 and suddenly hugely in the mood for MOAR WHO. Why is it not Christmas yet?? Also, after having watched The Pandorica Opens again I now NEED to rewatch the finale.

- Speaking of [ profile] femslash10 (as I was, kind of): the fic I just posted for it was the first thing I'd posted in nearly EIGHT MONTHS. That's terrible! I need to write more, but it's difficult as I'm kind of ~between fandoms~ right now. There are a bunch of shows and ships I'm interested in, but I don't feel like I'm actually IN any particular fandom at the moment. :(

- I love this picture of Gaga: Cut! )


- Album rec for anyone who likes amazing synth-pop: Happiness by Hurts, album out next week but it's already leaked, of course. So so good, I've been listening to practically nothing else since it leaked. Also, one of their videos features lots of hot women in suits. That's probably relevant to a few people's interests. ;)

- I'm so looking forward to all the American TV shows that are about to start up again. Has anyone heard about any new shows that are meant to be particularly good? I feel like picking up some new ones (you can never have too many fandoms!) but have no idea where to start.

- Work tomorrow, ugh. DNW.
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Can't believe we have to wait SIX MONTHS for moar Who.

5x13 The Big Bang )
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5x12 The Pandorica Opens )
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- This is my favourite bullshit rumour ever. SOMEONE PLEASE MAKE THIS HAPPEN. I can't conceive of anything greater than Lady Gaga as a Doctor Who villain. Fuck, I'd settle for fic.

- Speaking of Who: this week's was awesome. I totally cried at the end. So sad that there are only three episodes left this series! Is there any word as to whether Karen Gillan is sticking around for the next series? She'd better be, but Martha and Donna only got one series each...

- I haven't watched the latest episode of Glee yet, on account of everyone saying it's the worst thing ever. Is there anything at all that makes it worth watching? Usually Glee is made of so much fail that unless there are some awesome musical numbers or Brittany and Santana being adorable and gay, I can't be dealing with it.

- Am writing something weird. Actually writing it, in a way I feel good about, instead of just coming up with ideas or scratching out a few awkward sentences, which has been the extent of my "writing" lately. I thought it was going to be something short, but it might turn into something longer. Possibly it'll turn into nothing! We'll see.

- Is it bad that I'm currently kind of more excited about the US Skins than the British Skins movie? I feel like the US Skins is a blank slate - NOW WITH ADDED LESBIANS - whereas the Skins movie has so much horrible baggage attached (read: series four) that it has to work extra hard to make me like it. And, what with gen 1 characters being involved, I bet the film is going to suffer from the exact same 'so many characters, so little time' problem that series four did. SORRY.

- Ugh, Monday tomorrow. Work. Last week I found out that I fucked up something kind of big but not irreversible, so now I have a ton of extra work to do. Also, my super-religious ex-monk colleague needs to stop talking to me about religion. I don't honestly care if he believes that the shootings in Cumbria were "the devil reminding us that he's there" but talking about religion with someone who has wildly opposing views to you = GUARANTEED AWKWARD. Ugh.
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5x09 Cold Blood )

And now to distract myself I have beer and Eurovision. :D
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I just rewatched last night's Doctor Who and I have thoughts! Warning: THIS IS KIND OF LONG. And also references previous Moffat eps, although I've tried not to be too spoilery in case there are people who haven't seen them yet.

5x05 Flesh and Stone )


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